The Doomed Faith of Nelson Chamisa in the Freeman Chari, Mandla Project and other lies

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The Doomed Faith of Nelson Chamisa in the Freeman Chari, Mandla Project and other lies

Brian Rungano Temba

The 2023 Presidential elections in Zimbabwe witnessed incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa walking over CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa amid his early celebrations over urban poll victories.

While Chamisa promised a rigging proofed 2023 election, supported by Freeman Chari of the infamous cyber terrorist group Team Pachedu and their Mandla project, there were shortfalls that no Artificial Intelligence could cover up ultimately contributing to his loss.

Mandla was supposed to be the virtual answer to miscalculations and V11 confusion that perennially haunts opposition parties. However, mismanagement in the structureless CCC, made execution on the ground, difficult for the Mandla App.

Some comentators on Twitter said, the reason why Freeman Chari had not released the results from Mandla is that CCC polling agents did not send the v11 forms to him due to many factors.

Firstly CCC agents were hungry and bycotted to send the v11 forms to Freeman Chari and Chamisa did not pay the polling agents

Another political commentator and tech specialist, Brighton Musonza, had this to say about the Mandla project.

“He (Chamisa) is a great guy, but his biggest failure in this election was investing confidence in a Mandla project that didn’t go through systems testing for proof of concept. A system developed on 5G for Zim networks predominantly 3G and limited 4G LTE. In the end he didn’t have V11s,” said Musonza.

Musonza also blamed the metamorphosis of the CCC from being a Labour Party to becoming a Populist Mob rallying one man as their new age messiah for Chamisa’s loss.

“What the main opposition desperately need right now is a return to its founding working-class values. And for longevity of going-concern, be institutionalised in those ideals and values and not infatuation with personalities. Parties that run on personalities are not sustainable,” added Musonza.

Other factors come into play when trying to legitimise Chamisa’s Loss. Chamisa lacked popular support in areas where the majority vote came from.

Although these areas are home to the Rural folks who are farmers and have little access to Twitter and other social media platforms where the CCC is most active, they are informed on the source of Zimbabwe’s problems. They remember who called on the Illegal sanctions that riddled Zimbabwe’s economy with hurdles.

Apart from that the Rural Folk are a loyal lot. They have been beneficiaries of Devolution projects funded by the Second Republic and Emergency Road Rehabilitated Programme that employed their youth and women.

Also, among the projects they continue to enjoy fruits from are the Presidential Borehole Scheme, Pfumvudza, NDS1 Dam building, and Fisheries introduced in areas like Chivi, Buhera, Lupani and Binga to mention a few.

In the case of 2023 elections, it is very presumptuous to allege any stealing of votes with a faulty fact check system like Mandla. Rumours say that the app crushed right before results were announced.