Team Pachedu crusade ricochets and hit Gomba

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Crime & Courts, Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Team Pachedu crusade ricochets and hit Gomba

Brian Rungano Temba


Team Pachedu – Zimbabwe’s diet coke version of Anonymous (American Cyber Terrorist Organinsation) has yet again exposed Opposition’s dirty hand in election rigging only 10 days ahead of 26 March By-Elections.


Team Pachedu tried to spin a hoax that former mayor of Harare and CCC candidate for Ward 27 Glen Norah suburb, Hebert Gomba had been abducted, a day later he resurfaced and was in the custody of his wife.


Unbeknown to the public was that Team Pachedu had actually opened a Pandora’s box which would claim the candidature of their ally.


Gomba who is appearing in court today over allegations of registering 22 people with the electoral commission using the same residential address in Glen Norah when he contested during the July 2018 harmonised elections under the MDC- A ticket.


It is no secret that Team Pachedu has been on a crusade against Zimbabwe Electoral Commission trying to paint ZEC as a state captured apparatus that pushes ZANU PF agendas.


The #ZECMustExplain campaign just like the #HowFar campaign are all online attacks at the state disguised as citizen enquiries.


Now that their campaign had caught on wild fire which is burning the Western puppets camp, we might see more atrocities that have been hyped to be typically ZANU PF having opposition fingerprints on them such as the Gomba case.


Apart from just questions on voters roll inconsistencies, citizens have also questioned the consistency of legislature pertaining new parties joining the race in a by-election when new voters are not allowed.


The Constitution has no defined standing on it either, hinting towards the need for more policy alignment in the area of electoral laws.


Analysts have noted that as laws on marriage are taking centre stage and being rearranged and morphed, so should those to do with who can and who can not vote.


All thanks to Team Pachedu, who might have aimed at taking down the ruling party and ZEC but in the end managed to expose their own skeletons in the closet.


Anyway, Pachedu.