Tateguru TV Weekly Round-Up: President Mnangagwa`s impressive endurance and commitment

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Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

Last week was busy for President Emmerson Mnangagwa. His diary was packed with progressive engagements which took him beyond our border and to different regions within Zimbabwe.
Some senior Government officials who accompanied him on some of the trips, including Permanent Secretary of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana admitted that the President`s work ethic is high enough to humble even those who are younger than him.
This is a glimpse into the shift President Mnangagwa put in last week;

Monday May 10

On Monday, the President left for Kasane in Botswana to join other regional leaders for the commissioning of Kazungula Bridge. The previous week while commissioning Marongero/Hellsgate road section, on the Chirundu-Beitbridge Road sponsored by Japan, President Mnangagwa had revealed that Zimbabwe is part of the trident that co-owns Kazungula Bridge. In perhaps another diplomatic coup for the New Dispensation, Botswana President Masisi revealed that Zimbabwe was part of the Kazungula Bridge at the commissioning.

Tuesday May 11 and 12

President Mnangagwa left the country on Tuesday for Uganda for the inauguration of President Yoweri Kaguta Mseveni further cementing the engagement and re-engagement drive. At his arrival in Uganda, President Mseveni tweeted on the microblog application Twitter requesting Ugandans to help him welcome the Zimbabwean President and how deeply honoured he was to have him come to his inauguration.

Thursday 13

President Mnangagwa was back home and off to Mashonaland East Province for yet another commissioning of another project to fulfil the Vision2030 agenda of an upper middle income economy.
This time it was the renamed Causeway now Muchekeranwa Dam on the edge of Manicaland and Mashonaland Province. The commissioning of the dam was part of the agenda to create domestic empowerment of communities.
He also launched The Presidential Command Fisheries Scheme and the ground-breaking ceremony of the Muchekeranwa_Wenimbi Pipeline in Macheke.
He seeded the dam with fish fingerlings to help kickstart the empowerment drive. The dam will also supply water to Marondera and eastern parts of Harare, Marondera State University of Agricultural Sciences as well as irrigation for 2250 hectares of farmland.
Muchekeranwa which is Shona for a shared resource covers Svosve, Mangwende and Makoni traditional lands. The people of these areas will all enjoy its use.

Friday May 14


President Mnangangwa was in Bulawayo from Friday up to Saturday for a working visit.

Arundel Hospital-Bartley Memorial Block

President Mnangagwa officially opened Arundel Hospital – Bartley Memorial Block at United Bukawayo Hospitals for the management of COVID-19. The ward was upgraded from 42 beds to 132 beds in a pupblic private partnership with Sakunda which also owns Arundel Hospital in Harare.

Cure Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe

On the same day, President Mnangagwa also opened Cure Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe. It is the first free orthopaedic hospital in the country.
It`s another public private partnership between Cure international Trust and Government. It will offer specialist treatment to children under the age of 18 for free. It is the third such hospital in Southern Africa.

Mornach Steel Houseware Factory

In a move aimed at bolstering NDS1 and the devolution agenda, President Mnangagwa visited Monarch Steel a subsidiary of Tregers Holdings and commissioned a new manufacturing line. The company recently started the production of solar geysers in response to Government’s call for curtailing electric geysers. The visit to Tregers will concide with the commissioning of the Treger Houseware factory

Archer Garment Manufacturer

On Saturday the May 15 , President Mnangagwa visited Archer Garment Manufacturer, a subsidiary of Paramount Ltd. They are Zimbabwe’s largest clothing manufacturer with about 2000 employees split between Harare and Bulawayo.
They manufacture up to 2 million garments a year. The company exports up to 60 percent of its products to the region and Europe and earn about US$15 million each year.

United Refineries

President Mnangagwa also visited United Refineries, a leading innovative producer of brands in personal care, hygiene and value added agro products categories. Their products include cooking oil, bath soap, laundry soap, mayonnaise and maize meal among other products. United Refineries also exports to other countries in the region including Namibia and Zambia.

The tour of the companies in Bulawayo is aimed at enabling dialogue before The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair and for Government to see where it can offer support. Government is keen to revive Bulawayo’s industrial hub status and boost the Province’s GDP.

Vision 2030 is a promising national vision, with some victories already recorded.
President Mnangagwa is showing commitment to the idea through leading from the front.
If everyone adopts an approach similar to his, our glory days will be back quicker.