Sunshine City Festival, a huge success

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Sunshine City Festival, a huge success


Staff Reporter

The much-publicised show dubbed “Sunshine City Festival”, hosted by Tamba Events under Braai Out ZW at Old Hararians Sports Club in the capital, was a huge success.


The two-day fiesta saw thousands of people from all walks of life attending.


The show saw some of the country’s top acts such as Jah Prayzah, Winky D, ExQ, Mookomba, Bazooker, Garry B and Etherton, Master H, Bling 4, Jah Signal, Chillspot Family, and Killer T, sharing the stage.


They all displayed a polished play despite some technical challenges with the sound system.


However, all the artistes performed according to the programme.


What the organisers should be commended for was their engagement with the city council and police, as they managed to maintain peace and ease the flow of check-ins and exits.


There was no violence, or rowdy behaviour as is usually the norm at such shows.


It came out true that the issue of having bouncers at shows sometimes causes chaos as they would want to intervene in the ongoings of the event but on this one, the security forces were at task on their duties.


The stage and lighting were excellent, setting the tempo and mood of the artistes each time they were on stage.


Both shows lived up to their billing.


Speaking on the sidelines of the festival, show organisers and director at Braai Out ZW, Nigel Chinovhiringa, said he was happy with the outturn.


“Everything went according to plan and I am happy with how the programme flawlessly sailed through.


“I was a bit hesitant in the planning process but to my surprise, it came out nice. We had to change the programme in the last minute to manage our time well and we did it tactfully as this helped us to ease the programme,” he said.


Chinovhiringa added that he decided to engage and partner with the City of Harare and ZRP as this was the only way to get rid of bouncers.


“Bouncers were a menace as you have noticed in the past shows generally. You have seen how people were flowing at the entrance and there was no chaos and I want to appreciate all service providers,” he said.


Fans too, expressed happiness with the arrangement at the festival and also highlighted that next time the organisers should balance when it comes to female musicians.


“This is the first time for me to witness such a flow of events at the festival. The queues were going smoothly and the VIP area was organised,” said Munyaradzi Chitandara from Mufakose.


“The artistes performed well but there was an imbalance in their selection of performers. We also need to see our female artistes sharing the stage with the male artistes.”


Another fan, identified as Diana Maphosa from Meyrick Park, said she got value for her money.


“I liked the creativity displayed in the acts. Jah Prayzah was on a higher level with his band, the choreography and the attire were on point. Master H, though vibrant, still needs to work on his stage performances and ExQ will remain ‘musalala’.”


“Mookomba proved that they have the international feel and background as they know how to relate with their fans on stage. Killer T and DJ Fantan were my favourites when it came to the Zimdancehall segment.


“They rekindled their romance with us fans as they dished out yesteryear tunes. I enjoyed those performances,” she explained.