Stray lions terrorise Chimanimani 

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Stray lions terrorise Chimanimani


Brian Rungano Temba


Villagers in Gwindingwi, Ward 16 of Chimanimani are living in fear as

two stray lions that escaped from Devuli  Range cause have been seen in the area for the last two weeks.

Parents have not been sending their children to school since the spotting of these lions.

Zimparks Rangers have been struggling to locate and tame the two beasts, which have been preying on livestock.

The two lions have since killed two cattle and five goats.

Experts say as long as a lion is not starved and have easy access of food,it cannot be trapped  easily.


ZimParks area manager for Chimanimani Banele Maya told the Gwindingwi  community  to keep their livestock in kraals at night and went on to warn them not to travel at night  so as to avoid  attacks.


Mr Maya revealed  that they are fighting  hard to make sure that the lions are captured before inflicting further damage.


” Once the lions  taste the flesh of a human  being  ,nobody will be safe, the lions will  be attack humans even in their homes,”  he added.


Chimanimani District, according to 2021 ZimStat results is home to 134 940 people.


In 2017 Gwindingwi was terrorised by another group of lions which went on to ravage nearby Tiya Village.