Stop cropping the truth out of the picture, ZANUPF Info Dept tells Journalists

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Stop cropping the truth out of the picture, ZANUPF Info Dept tells Journalists



Brian Rungano Temba

ZANUPF Director for Information and Publicity Cde Farai Marapira today blasted sensationalist journalists for misinforming the public during their coverage of the Cholera Outbreak in the Mapanza area of Chiredzi.

He accused the journalists of telling half truths with the intention of tainting the reputation of the ZANU-PF led Government.

He made these statements in a tweet posted on his account on X.

This uproar was triggered by photos of patients being administered drip under a tree with IV bags suspended from the tree branches that have been circulatingbin social media.

However the full picture was that the administering of these drips was to save the lives of the dehydrated patients while an emergency mobile clinic was being erected at the versinity.

” Medical teams dispatched to treat cholera patients responsibly treated them as soon as they arrived whilst tents et al were being set up. Ofcourse some perennial self flagellators rushed to post those pictures as the actual obtaining scenario. That’s the sadness of having agenda driven, pseudo “journalist”.

Real journalists from across the divide are doing sterling work in Zimbabwe delivering sound balance news. Its these activists masquerading as journalists that continue to dis-inform and propagate falsehoods intentionally. But always always, they are left with egg on their faces,” said Cde Marapira.

He went on to say that it is infact the Dysfunctional Councils ran by CCC councillors that have facilitated this outbreak of Cholera via bad service delivery.

“The ZANUPF government is responsible and provides the utmost best care to its citizens. It is this same government removing 20 years of garbage unremoved by the true incompetents sitting in town houses for 20 years. But ofcourse unrepentant activists will sell a false story of ZANUPF governments reaction to a crisis instead of noticing the garbage rotting for 20 years at the corner a short distance from their house.

“Salute to the real journos across the divide providing facts on the state of our Nation. These activists shall die a natural death as their unreliability as sources of news is exposed by the day. So greedy are they for accolades in Western capitals they will do anything and everything to get a neo-colonial pat on the back. Shame!!!,” he added.


Permanent Secretary for Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana also took the the platform X to correct the notion being spread on social media.


” When a Cholera case or cholera outbreak is registered, Health Authorities will dispatch a Rapid Response Team to the place. The suspected cases are promptly treated -onsite because when it comes to cholera treatment, every minute counts. Whilst treatment is done tents will organized and pitched. This was the case in the Mapanza area of Chiredzi.


“The current cholera outbreak is affecting a number of countries in the region. According to the @WHO_Zimbabwe , the long-term solution for cholera control lies in economic development and universal access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation.


“This is why you see that President @edmnangagwa has rolled out several potable water and WASH projects for every village in this country. In 6 years of power he has commenced the construction of a number of dams from which water will be conveyed by urban local authorities,” said Mr Mangwana.