Stay away call: Opposition seeking to muddy country’s political waters

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Hosia Mviringi

At a time when the country was beginning to reap the fruits of a diligent economic turnaround program anchored on the National Development Strategy 1 blueprint, anti-government activists are planning disruptive stay aways.

The planned stay away being led by American sponsored Team Pachedu, a grouping which recently openly took credit as mercenary strategic branch of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), are allegedly in protests over a “deteriorating economy”.

Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), a CCC affiliated student union issued a statement affirming their participation in and mobilisation towards the planned illegal stay away.

“As the student fraternity, we are facing many challenges. We are saying the wages our parents are getting are not enough to cater for our fees. Policies which are in place are causing so much havoc, so much damage to the education sector. We need a lot of things which we are unable to afford,” said Zinasu spokesperson Lenon Mazuru.

The irony of the statement and the subsequent action being agitated for is that the same fraternity of students and activists are on record mocking Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate which they allege tops 90 percent!
Opposition aligned student unions have threatened a protest to demand better salaries for their unemployed peasant parents!

Amazing isn’t it?

One would be tempted to believe that there is an ulterior motive behind the contradictory actions and statements.
The country has witnessed a sharp increase in urban population following in response to favourable business conditions which has seen industrial productive capacity rising to more than 65 per cent.

This has resulted in locally produced goods occupying close to 75 percent shelf space in local supermarkets.
The rising industrial as well as small to medium scale business activity has seen demand for services such as transport in urban centres outstripping available supply – a very normal occurrence in such rapidly growing economy as Zimbabwe.

In an attempt to whip up emotions, opposition activists are all over social media displaying hordes of workers waiting for transport after a day’s work.
They call this failure by Government when it is common occurrence that even in more advanced economies peak hours are associated with a long wait for trans

In such advanced economies as the UK and India it common sight to see a stampede for the rush hour train, with standing passengers very common on trains and buses.

Perhaps once again someone will have to tell the world where those hordes of people will be coming from everyday to cause such a jam as is now common place on Harare’s roads.
Vehicularar and human traffic have increased at a faster pace than anticipated as a result of an up ticking economy that apparently has provided a conductive environment for enterprises to thrive.

The non-teaching U.S paid activist and ARTUZ president Obert Masaraure, and PTUZ have joined the frenzy rallying what he called the “broader working class” to take heed of the call to stay away on May 9, 2022.

“A broader working class” in an economy which they allege has up to 90 percent unemployedment rate! Strange times indeed.

Of course this is sure to become yet another failed attempt at mobilising people away from their hustles, a feat equivalent to taking away bread from the lips of their children. This time ummm pakaipa, havalume (they will not get anyone for the scheduled protest).
People of Zimbabwe are tired of being used.

People in Zimbabwe live on the ground where they earn a livelihood.
They can not be insidiously mobilised to abandon their hustles by one Freeman Chari who lives large in an American apartment of American sponsorship! Our people have come of age. They see through the motivating factors.

Regrettably, U.S driven opposition parties in Zimbabwe who thrive on the suffering of the masses see an increasingly stable and growing economy as a direct threat to their existence.

With the support of the U.S imperialist funded NGOs and activists, the opposition survives on creating and fomenting strife and chaos in the country as a way to justify their existence.

Thus the latest attempt at disrupting the existing peace and security is a well-planned imperial project, which of course is not new to those gifted with institutional memory.

The CCC Party, whose leaders are desperate for inclusive talks, are clutching at straws to try and force the ZANU PF government onto the table for accommodation in a government of national unity.
Of course they are desperate to create a situation that can force an abandonment of elections in 2023 for fear of further violence.

The 2023 elections represents a critical moment in history for the kindergartenish CCC party which senses annihilative defeat at the hands of ZANU PF.

Chati homu chareva!