Shamu elected Goromonzi RDC Chair

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Shamu elected Goromonzi RDC Chair


Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa



Zanu PF councillor for Ward 16 under Goromonzi Rural District Council, Dr Aaron Golden Shamu has been elected Chairperson of the agricultural district.


Dr Shamu, the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Association was elected councillor for Ward 16 in the 23 August Harmonized elections and is a first time councillor. He holds a doctorate in Business Administration from Nottingham Trent University, a Master in Business Administration from the same university among other leadership qualifications including a Post Graduate Diploma from University of Cape Town and another from Witwatersrand.


A humble and unassuming man despite his loft academic qualifications and his standing as a business man with a national profile, the 47 year old Dr Shamu chose to relocate to Goromonzi from his plush home in MT Pleasant to pursue agriculture as an economic activity. He is also the Managing Director at National Organic Produce, an agricultural concern that focuses on producing organic food.


Dr Shamu is a free range chicken enthusiast who said his passion was to see every family in Zimbabwe eating free range and change the perception on the chickens.


He has been involved in championing many community development projects in Goromonzi RDC and across the nation through the Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Association which has distributed over a million free range chicks under the Presidential Poultry Scheme.


Goromonzi RDC is made up of 25 wards, 13 are commercial agricultural areas, 11 are communal areas and one ward falls under small scale farming area. Ward 16 falls under communal areas.