Secretary Mangwana experiences ZUPCO train ride 

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


By Pretty Manyewe


In a break from the past, where Government would pass policies and never get to feel their social impact, the second republic is sharing lived realities with Zimbabweans.

The idea is to ensure that all ideas are fit for purpose, and where necessary, adjustments are made.

Zimbabwe has been facing transport challenges in recent days especially after the lockdown was reduced to level two, intercity travel resumed and schools reopened.

A decision was taken to ease the woes through the re-introduction of passenger trains, through a partnership between National Railways of Zimbabwe and ZUPCO.

Despite early skepticism, the public has embraced the new mode of transportation as it has helped most people reach their destination safely, on time and with ease.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr Nick Mangwana went on the ground to assess the reborn railway transportation.

Through his official Twitter page, Mr Mangwana recorded a description of his experience throughout the journey from Harare CBD to Mufakose.

“We are now moving slowly. It’s a bit warm but the windows are open so there is good ventilation. The seats are comfortable for not so long stays. There is a Safety Officer going round telling people not to jump out of the moving train for their own safety. He emphasizes that even one sees their house as they pass through, they should wait and get out at the platform,” said Mr Mangwana in one of his Tweets.

He took time to listen to sentiments shared by those who were using the facility.

“I feel very safe and everyone else here appears quite settled. Great conversations all around. In terms of functions there is very little difference with many other metropolitan trains I have used. This is a safer option to both Mshikashika or rowdy Kombis. Here we have civilized conversations in comfort,” said Mr Mangwana.

Mr Mangwana painted a beautiful picture of a safe journey once he reached his destination, however, he did not shy away from constructively criticizing the revived mode of transportation.

“We are almost there but it’s getting a tad dark in here. The carriage lighting issue need addressing for any later times trains. Coming down the train was not so easy because there is no platform. During ticket buying you can’t swipe or use Ecocash as they insist on strictly cash hence there is need to widen acceptable modes of payment,” he wrote.

In the comments under the thread, Mr Mangwana drew applause from internet users who were following the blog.

They called on him to do the same on other policy initiatives which may be led by Government.