Second Jab Scarcity Rumours Not true – Dr Mahomva

by | Jun 7, 2021 | COVID 19, Local News | 0 comments


Brian Rungano Temba

Ministry of Health and Child Care Permanent Secretary Dr. Agnes Mahomva last week on Friday denied rumours that there was a shortage in COVID-19 Vaccine doses.

Dr. Mahomva said this during a press brief she held at Munhumutapa after receiving calls from concerned citizens, some of which were looking for vaccination points which still had their second doses in stock.

Dr. Mahomva said the anomaly was caused by the difference in turnout per each vaccination point which would lead to vaccines to run out on first jabs only. In response to this the Ministry of Health and Child Care has begun a programme of redistributing the vaccines using Statistics on the turnout for vaccination in that community.

“There is no shortage as such. It is important for me to first appreciate the communities for coming out in their numbers to get vaccinated. It shows that the get vaccinated campaign was a success because we are getting so many people who now want their second doses,” said Dr. Mahomva.

“I have received many calls some saying it seems like there is a shortage because they couldn’t get their second dosage at their local vaccination points.
The quantities might appear as though we are running out but we are not yet there. Remember that when we started we procured and received in donations a total of 1 735 000 doses.
If you look at the numbers of people being vaccinated everyday by the Ministry of Health and Child Care and add up the first does and second doses you will find that we have used up 1 040 000 dose,” said Dr. Mahomva.

Dr. Mahomva said in stock the ministry still has 600 000 doses and there is a balance of 300 000 who got their first dosage and are yet to get their second jab.
“This means we have enough to cover everyone who wants to get their second dosages,” she added.