Schools face closure as teachers fear death

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Schools face closure as teachers fear death

By Yvonne Mutambwa

As Schools embrace the second term of successful learning, Chindunduma Primary and Chindunduma 2 High face closure due to teachers fearring death after to a botched ritual.

One teacher is reportedly to have packed bags and left while bearly all the others are demanding transfers due to alleged mysterious deaths of teachers at the stations.

District Schools Inspector, Mr Clemence Mutembwa and District PSC Co-ordinator, Mr Edward Nyoni have confirmed the incident.

Speaking to the officer on condition of anonymity, noted that the case of death in which a lady died of pregnancy complications has become the fourth death incident at the school.

One teacher is reportedly to have once performed a ritual and brewed traditional beer there for unknown reasons and they now blame the ritual for death after death.

The teacher has already fled. The community is urging the leaders to seek traditional intervention in order to find the cause of mysterious deaths.

However, the use of faith and traditional healers was once stopped by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education when the School Development Committee suggested it at Mupfurudzi Primary school.

In a similar case, Mupfurudzi Primary School in the same district had an outcry that one male teacher had “mubobo” and they alleged it was appearing as dreams in which he was raping them.

The district and provincial offices advised the school head that rituals were not recognized by the Ministry and the law and whoever authorized them could be charged.

The matter was solved naturally after one lady left and the alleged culprit also transferred to flee the wrath of angry parents and guardians.