‘Sanctions are robbing us of our youth’

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Hosia Mviringi
The ZANU PF Youth League has joined the nation in calling for the immediate unconditional lifting of illegal unilateral sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe, saying these have contributed to an unprecedented suffering of majority vulnerable societal groups.
Speaking in a statement to mark the occasion, of the SADC Day against Sanctions on Zimbabwe today, ZANU PF Acting Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs in the Politburo, Cde Tendai Chirau stressed that the youth have borne the brunt of the sanctions.
Cde Chirau said most young people have have been unable to access economic opportunities as the economy continues to struggle and stutter after two decades.
“As young people, we continue to bear the brunt of the sanctions, as we cannot freely transact online as the country is considered as a risky and dangerous business destination. Our future has been and continues to be destroyed by the presence of the illegal sanctions,” said Cde Chirau.
The youths of Zimbabwe, noted Cde Chirau, are however, very much alive to the origins and causes of the current imperialist regime of illegal sanctions which were imposed as a direct response to government’s desire to empower its people through the land reform program.
The land redistribution exercise of the early 2000s had the positive impact of empowering more than 300 000 families through access to the primary means of production, which is the land.
The land reform was a correction of a historic land ownership imbalance which saw a few thousand white commercial farmers owning more than 70 percent arable and habitable land in Zimbabwe.
“As progressive youths of Zimbabwe, we are well alive to the origins of sanctions as an expression of neo-colonialism and an imperialist weapon designed to punish Zimbabwe for embarking on the fast-track land reform programme,” said Cde Chirau.
While the Youth League statement was unequivocal that indeed the sanctions were instigated to assert a certain political position or point, it further noted that the sanctions dismally missed their intended target but they ended up inflicting untold suffering among the innocent of the population.

Sanctions have been successful as a tool for the harassment of ordinary Zimbabweans and for this, the ZANU PF Youth League demands an immediate lifting of the evil sanctions against the people.
Cde Chirau said the sanctions could not have been as severe and disastrous as they have been had there not been willing local collaborators and enforcers.
“With even more emphasis, we now call for those who called for the imposition of sanctions, their supposed beneficiaries and all willing imperialist tools who today continue to celebrate the sanctions, to be held accountable for their heinous unpatriotic acts. Counter sanctions are the new endgame,” said Cde Chirau.
Sanctions that were imposed against Zimbabwe in 2001 were declared illegal because they failed to pass the test at the United Nations Security Council which is the ultimate organ of the World Mother body which considers such matters of world collective concern as economic and political sanctions.
October 25 was established by SADC through consensus as a way to show solidarity with Zimbabwe and to collectively demand an immediate and unconditional lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe as a way to safeguard regional peace and economic stability.
It is generally accepted that due to Zimbabwe’s centrality to the region, both politically and economically, any instability in the country has ripple effects that can upset regional socio-economic and political balance.
Thus the joint position to call for the scrapping of a destabilising embargo that was imposed on Zimbabwe.
This year’s commemorative activities are taking place in different locations around the country with one major objective to sensitise the people on the impact of Sanctions and to rally the nation behind the call for immediate cessation of hostilities against the people of Zimbabwe as perpetuated through the continued imposition of illegal economic sanctions.