SADC top political minds meet over Mozambique

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Hosia Mviringi

Zimbabwe yesterday joined other members of the SADC Ministerial Committee of the Organ Troika on Politics, Security and Defence for a review session of progress of the SADC Mission in Mozambique (SMIM).

The meeting, being held in Pretoria South Africa, includes South Africa, Botswana and Namibia as members of the Troika, plus representatives from Personnel Contributing Countries (PCC’s) that include Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Lesotho, Malawi and Tanzania.

Zimbabwe is being represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ambassador Frederick Shava.
“The meeting will consider, among others, the progress made by the SADC Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM) as well as the draft framework supporting the Republic of Mozambique in addressing terrorism,” said a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

“Zimbabwe’s participation at the meeting will help to keep the country informed on current operation of SAMIM,” the statement added.

The SADC Organ Troika on Politics, Security and Defence Cooperation in June 2023 recommended that SADC deploys its standby force to help deal with a terrorist insurgency which had affected the Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique, disrupting business while displacing thousands of innocent citizens. Many others lost their lives at the hands of a menacing inhuman banditry.

The foreign driven non-state terrorist activities had posed grave threat to the security and stability of the whole region as chances had increased by each passing day of transboundary instability, a situation which saw SADC resolve for armed intervention.
In addition to Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana, Angola, DRC, Namibia, Malawi and Tanzania contributed personnel and equipment to the intervening Standby Force, whose effectiveness will be under discussion.

Ambassador Shava will proceed to Dakar, Senegal for the eighth Ministerial Conference on the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation(FOCAC) which kicks off on November 29, 2021.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said the meeting will provide a routine platform for collective consultations and cooperation between Africa and China since 2006.
The Conference will be held under the theme, ” Deepening the Sino-Africa Partnership and Promoting Sustainable Development to build a China-Africa Community with a Shared Future in the New Era”.