SA looting, spotlight on SAPS

by | Jul 14, 2021 | International | 0 comments

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

The response by the police service in South Africa has been questioned, with some blaming the prevailing looting to their ineffectiveness.

Two police officers in Gauteng Province have been arrested after being found with looted groceries, according to official statements from the security services.

In a statement, the African National Congress Youth National Task Team has expressed dismay over the
The ANC NYTT was also not satisfied with the lack of Public Order Police deployments whom they say were heavily outnumbered and had to depend on private security companies.

“The ANC NYTT is of the view that both the ANC and its government have been found wanting on the matter, as this situation should have been anticipated and handled better both at a political as well as at state law enforcement level,” the ANC NYTT said.

The hard worded statement, by an affiliate of the ruling party speak to the alleged cracks in the ANC.

“It is a fact that our economy which is already excludes the black majority of this country has ultimately led to the fertile grounds for the explosion we witness at present. This is further compounded by the rampant corruption and lack of basic service delivery which has left our people destitute,” the ANC NYTT added.

Looting continues in South Africa, despite the deployment of the army to quell lootings.