Road works to continue after rains – ZINARA

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Road works to continue after rains – ZINARA

Mako Jerera

Road works under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation 2, will continue after the current rains, a senior ZINARA board member has said.

Addressing the media in Harare today, ZINARA Board Chairperson Dr George Manyaya said road works will continue for the next three years.

He said disbursements are likely to start in March, after the rains would have subsided.

Dr Manyaya said ZINARA does not owe the country`s road authorities of any disbursements from last year and has already secured funds for the next cycle of financing.

“ln particular, we are presenting a report on the disbursements made by the Fund in the previous year and the disbursements for this year.

During the year 2021 (March to December), ZINARA, under the guidance of and support from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development and Treasury, disbursed $9.5 billion ZWL to support Phase 1 and 2 of the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Program 2 works across the country. The funds were disbursed to the Road Authorities,” said Dr Manyaya.

He said ZINARA will be running a monitoring and evaluation process, to make sure that the funds disbursed will be put to appropriate use.

“Going forward, we have set and finalized the (ERRP2) Funding Strategies for 2022 as we are conscious of the urgency at hand in attending to road works,” Dr Manyaya said.

ZINARA has set a budget of 17 billion ZWL for disbursements to provinces and major cities.

“In our engagements with the Road Authorities, we always emphasise the importance of delivering quality road maintenance to ensure that the limited funds are stretched further over the years so as to avoid a scenario where contractors have to attend to patching work recurrently,” said Dr Manyaya.

The road development agency is in the process of coming up with open channels of communication with the nation, which allow regular updates on development projects of national importance.