“Respect Election Results and Wait for the Next Elections”, Chamisa told

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“Respect Election Results and Wait for the Next Elections”, Chamisa told


Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard has dispensed wisdom from Down Under advising Citizen of Coalition Change leader Nelson Chamisa to accept electoral results and wait for the next elections, saying the 2023 Zimbabwe Electoral issue is settled.

Chamisa has made calls for establishing a transitional authority composed of both political parties in Zimbabwe, alongside churches, businesses, and professional bodies, in order to prepare for a new election basing his dispute on the incurably flawed SADC Election Mission Report authored by Nevers Mumba.

His calls come as Joe Biden, the President of the USA, on whom the playful and juvenile-like Zimbabwean opposition leader had pinned hopes, steered clear of the Zimbabwean electoral issue which however President Mnangagwa addressed while speaking at #UNGA78.

Speaking from his base in Australia, John Howard, the man who presided over the sanctioning of Zimbabwe by his country said, “Whoever wanted to vote got to vote. What happened on voting day was the proper thing. A normal thing that most people in the world would recognize as straightforward. What worries me is afterwards the votes are counted and anyone who wanted to say that was wrong had a chance. So it’s settled.”

Turning to what now seems like a prearranged conjunctive action between some countries and personalities to deny the outcome of the elections, Mr Howard said, “And yet there is a concerted effort by some people to say it was completely not credible. If people would not accept the choice of the people, what came from the people, we are at rock bottom in terms of democratic practice.”

He finished off saying, “I really urge everybody who has taken part in this exercise in Zimbabwe to respect the result and understand this is how democratic politics works. There will be another election where all the people will choose again. The people are the ones that decide and not the loudest voice or the scariest voice.”

His comments come at a time when it is becoming clear there was a preconceived arrangement to have predetermined results in Zimbabwe following the publishing of clearly synced election observer mission reports from the contentiously appointed SEOM Chair and the EUEOM in Zimbabwe.

The reports, despite stating that elections were, free, fair, and peaceful went on to indicate that they fell short of generally accepted standards. Their conclusions were based on what they claimed was information availed to them by certain individuals who were contrary to their terms of reference. Remained unnamed. This is despite the fact that all other electoral observer missions gave the elections a clean bill.

Nevers Mumba, the Chair of the SADC Election Observer Mission was appointed Chairman of SEOM before Zambia through Hakainde Hichilema, assumed the Chairmanship of the SADC ORGAN. That according to some political analysts shows how anxious his masters were to secure a pre-conceived result

Mumba’s appointment by Hichilema before the Zambian President had assumed the Chair of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation is one of two insurmountable for the sponsors and cheerleaders of the incurably flawed SEOM report on Zimbabwe elections. The other is that, in any event, Mumba did not qualify for appointment as a member of SEOM, let alone as Chairperson, because he’s an ex-convict.

The SADC Code of Conduct on the appointment of election observers under SEOM specifically bars the appointment of ex-convicts