Regional experts forecast good rains for Zimbabwe

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Business, Wheather | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba


Farmers in Zimbabwe are set for another season of glory, as forecasts emerging from SADC suggest that the forthcoming rainy season will see normal to above normal rains.


The conditions are conducive for another bumper harvest.


According to Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum held virtually from 30 to 3 1 August 2021 to present a collective outlook for the 2021/2022 rainfall season, most SADC countries including Zimbabwe is likely to recent significant rains enough to allow production.


Zimbabwe is expected to receive normal or above rainfall for both the first and the second halves of the summer season.


Bulk of SADC is likely to receive normal to above-normal rainfall for most of the period October to December 2021.


The January to March 2022 period is expected to have normal to above normal rainfall for most of the region.


Zimbabwe is expected during this time frame to experience increased chances of normal to above-normal rainfall.


This is perfect time for sowing Maize and small grain crops like sorghum and Peal Millet.




Currently farmers are being encouraged by agriculture extension officers to begin preparing their fields for the Pfumvudza smart farming.


Government has instructed farmers who have managed to pay up their loans from the National Agriculture Enhancement Programme (NEAPS) formerly known as Command Agriculture to be enlisted for the 2021-2022 agro-season facility.


Meanwhile those farmers defaulting the loan payments and failing to sell their maize produce to Grain Marketing Board (GMB) will risk not being enlisted and also losing their land offer letters.