Red tape delays Bulawayo road repairs

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Staff Writer


Bureaucratic processes have seen Bulawayo lag behind other towns and cities in the ongoing second phase of the emergency road rehabilitation programme.


The procurement structure is taking long to make a determination on the prospective contractors being proposed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development.


The problem is starting with the Procurement Management Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development, documents are taking up to two months to be processed before they are sent to the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe.


ERRP2 is being funded in local currency, and due to inflation, the projects become time sensitive.


Prices of quarry stones have gone up in US dollar terms with the Suppliers taking advantage of the high demand of the raw material. Why our people seem to want to punish a government that gave them permission to mine the quarry and more importantly award them tender to supply it boggles the mind.


The ERRP program is also being hampered by an overwhelmed supplier of pre-mix who is a sole supplier to Bulawayo, Midlands,Matebeleland North and South. The reduced capacity is impacting on the progress on the ground.


The target of roads to be rehabilitated in the city is unlikely to be met unless immediate action is taken.


Nine roads are yet to have contractors yet the rain season is beckoning.


A delegation led by General Godfrey Chanakira, Permanent Secretary in Vice President’s Office toured Masiyephambili and Fife street road, which are among the few that have seen work begin.


The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Hon Judith Ncube did not join the tour for there is no notable progress since she last visited the roadworks.