Red Flagged Bikita Minerals Suspends Operations for 7-Days

by | May 15, 2023 | Business, Crime & Courts, Local News | 0 comments

Red Flagged Bikita Minerals Suspends Operations for 7-Days

Yvonne Mutambwa

Bikita Minerals Sinomine, has temporarily suspended operations for 7 days to get ample time to fix some grey areas that have been picked by the government.

The leading and oldest lithium mine stops operations amid reports that regulatory authorities were not satisfied with some issues – which they are now addressing to allow operations to continue.

Sinomine of China last year took over Bikita Minerals in a $US300 million investment and was currently building a spodumene processing plant as part of efforts to increase lithium output.

In a notice today, mine management said Bikita Minerals will stop production for the next seven days.

The mine manager Mr Mwanza said their company remains committed to investing in Zimbabwe in the lithium sector.

“This notice serves to inform our stakeholders and partners that we have put our operations on hold for 7 days to address administrative concerns raised by authorities at our plant.”

“As a law-abiding corporate, we remain committed to fully comply(ing) with all requirements of the law and expect to resume operations once all the outstanding issues have been addressed,” he said.

“In the meantime, the company’s leadership is working closely with all relevant authorities to ensure that the matter is resolved within the stipulated time frame.”

“During this 7-day period, all employees are to stay at their homes and residences except for those in care and maintenance. Those on essential services will be required to perform their prescribed duties.”

Bikita Minerals employs nearly a thousand workers.