Racism Row: Jam Tree, patron smoke peace pipe

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Mako Jerera

Jam Tree patron, Munyaradzi ‘Nyarie’ Munda who took who took to social media last week to complain over the ‘racially motivated ill-treatment’ they received at the restaurant, has reconciled with its management.

Last week Munda wrote on Facebook on how he was ‘embarrassed’ and ‘insulted’ by The Jam Tree white manager for parking at an undesignated place.

Munda and the manager identified as Matt, held a meeting today, where they ironed out their differences, Tateguru Tv was a fly on the wall during the proceedings.

In the meeting Munda explained to the Jam Tree management on how he felt uncomfortable with the way the manager reacted to him parking at the designated parking and says it was at that point he needed to take matters into his own hands.

Matt admitted to having a bad temper at the time of the event, and that he wishes he handled the issue differently.

He however said he is not racist.

“We would like to strongly emphasize that we are not racist. We, however, will work tirelessly to make sure there’s mutual understanding between management and patrons,” he said.

Both parties agreed that they acted out of anger, and wish they had handled the issue differently.