Qatar Airlines comes to Harare

by | Jun 20, 2021 | Business | 0 comments


Hosia Mviringi

Qatar Airlines, one of the biggest Gulf Airlines, is set to launch four weekly flights from Doha into Harare in the third quarter of this year.

In yet another development set to cement the government’s re-engagement program as well as the open skies policy, the Doha Headquartered airline will launch the service on July 2, 2021 with flights through Lusaka using a Boeing 787 aircraft.

The Airline executives visited Harare in January 2020 to confirm viability of servicing the route but due to complications brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, a decision was delayed.

A senior official with the Civil Aviation Authority hinted that a team of executives will be in Harare on June 20, 2021, where the ground-breaking route announcement is expected to be made.

“They haven’t officially announced yet, but a delegation is coming to Harare on Sunday June 20th, 2021,” the official said.

With an fleet of more than 200 aircraft and a staff complement of more than 43,000 people, Qatar Airways is a force to reckon with in the travel industry and travelers to Zimbabwe are expected to benefit immensely from it’s wide global network of destinations which makes connectivity a pleasure.

Recently, a number of international airlines have begun making a beeline into destinations in Zimbabwe in a show of confidence in destination and brand Zimbabwe.

The “Open for business” mantra, open skies policy and the focused country management of the Covid-19 pandemic has won Zimbabwe a lot of business partnerships and boosted travel confidence in the middle of a devastating global health and economic catastrophe.