President set to launch National Youth Heifer Project

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Business, Local News | 0 comments


• 600 youths expected to benefit from initial rollout

Brian Rungano Temba

President Mnangagwa is today expected to launch the Presidential Youth Heifer Project at DCK farm, on the outskirts of Kwekwe.

In the initial rollout, 600 heifers will be given out to young people who underwent a beef production course at Kwekwe Polytechnic this week.

The programme will be a pass-on scheme, where one gets a heifer, grows their herd and passes on to the next beneficiaries.

Each district is supposed to get 10 heifers.

Addressing youths under training, Kwekwe District Development Coordinator, Mr Fortune Mapungu said the initiative is likely to boost the national herd.

He said there will be better beef production and self-employment.

“We thank the President on the great initiative to empower the youth, turning them into potential employers of tommorrow,” said Mr. Mapungu.


He also told youths that Government has great plans for the Youths of Zimbabwe. This heifer programme is but just the beginning.

“There are more programmes in store for youths in Agriculture. I am advised each province is supposed to get 500 ha of land for youths to benefit from, but you are the trailblazers in this project,” he added.

President Mnangagwa’s vision 2030 is hinged on the success of all Government policies and development strategies like Pfumvudza, Presidential Fisheries and this new youth Heifer project.

“His Excellencey aims to attain an upper meddle income society by 2030 and this initiative is one of the steps towards the goal. It is very possible when one looks at countries like China which has built its economy by themselves.

If we play our part and reciprocate towards this empowerment from Government as youth we will achieve the same and return Zimbabwe to being the food basket of the Southern region of Africa,” said Mr Mapungu.

Each heifer is going to have an ear tag identical to the one that the youths in attendance to the Heifer programme will receive at the launch tomorrow.

Attendance with also receive certificates after completing the beef production course.

The heifers will be delivered to their respective provinces for collection.

Upon giving birth to their first heifers the beneficiaries will pass on the calves after weaning them off, to other beneficiaries.

Before launching the programme, President Mnangagwa will lead the national day of cleaning in Kwekwe Central Business District.