President opens parliament, pleading to enhance national goals

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President opens parliament, pleading to enhance national goals


Mako Jerera


President Mnangagwa has today officially opened the First Session of the 10th Parliament and presented the State of the Nation Address.


In his address, President Mnangagwa laid out several Bills that are set to be considered during the coming sitting.


The Bills include six that were not concluded in the last Parliament and new ones that are meant to enhance the achievement of national goals.


In his keynote address, President Mnangagwa said the session came shortly after the country successfully held credible, free, fair, and peaceful harmonised elections in accordance with democratic traditions and practices


“May I take this opportunity to congratulate you for having secured the mandate to serve the people of our great motherland Zimbabwe in your respective constituencies for the next five years. I challenge you to accelerate the completion of the matters outstanding from the legislative agenda of the 9th Parliament. Much work lies ahead,” said President Mnangagwa.


President Mnangagwa added that the economy has been on a positive growth trajectory despite the sanctions imposed by Western nations at the turn of the millennium.


“My Administration is committed to industrializing and modernizing the economy as well as transforming our infrastructure in order to improve incomes and the livelihoods of our citizens,” he promised.


He said the country is set to consolidate agricultural productivity and food self-sufficiency.


“The robust measures put in place by the government to enhance and guarantee agricultural productivity, including irrigation development and climate-proofing, saw us realize national food security in our motherland.”


He emphasised that the government is committed to enhancing infrastructure development, adding that the power supply in the country has significantly improved following the commissioning of the Chinese-funded Hwange Power Station in August.


Fiscal consolidation measures and reforms implemented have ensured positive fiscal outcomes that are critical for budget sustainability and lasting macroeconomic stability, Mnangagwa said.


In addition, he said, the government aims to fully utilize, add value to, and benefit from the country’s abundant natural resources to ensure maximum benefits.