President off to a Serious start at First Cabinet

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President off to a Serious start at First Cabinet


● As He reprimands Ministers who abscond Cabinet



Brian Rungano Temba


Today, President Emmerson Mnangagwa issued a warning against Government Ministers who have abscond Cabinet meetings.


President Mnangagwa shook Cabinet members out off the post Holiday Season hangover, as he repremanded them this morning while chairing the first Cabinet meeting for 2024 at State House, in Harare.


“Members are reminded that Standing Cabinet Committee’s are a critical cog of the cabinet and must be accorded due prioritisation. I direct all Committees be active to expedite decision-making.


“In the last Session, I noticed an unbecoming trend where some members prioritise Minesterial activities and neglect Cabinet business. This must stop forthwith.

Cabinet business takes precedence over all other matters, and attendance to Cabinet Meetings is compulsory,” said President Mnangagwa.



He also reminded Cabinet to finalise outstanding items and have new proposals submitted with haste.


“Regarding the specific Cabinet Programme of this year, all outstanding items must be expeditiously tabled and conclusively decided during this First Quater.


“Following the call for items for this year’s Cabinet Calendar, the Chief Secretary has issued the subsequent Circular outlining the 2024 Cabinet Programme.


These constitute priority areas for your respective Ministries. Memoranda outlining your proposals for consideration by the Cabinet should be submitted on time. Delays in that respect are unacceptable,” said President Mnangagwa.


President Mnangagwa also noted that he will be accepting invitations to officiate events of high priority only.


“As we begin our programmes for the year, in earnest , all invitations for Mr to officiate at the various events of your Ministries must be extended on time and restricted to high priority events,” added President Mnangagwa