President Mnangagwa to launch Zimplats cattle project 

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Business | 0 comments


Pretty Manyewe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is in Ngezi today to commission the Zimplats cattle ranching project.

The Zimplats Palmline Investments Cattle Ranching project has three types of Cattle namely the Commercial or Beef herd, the Dairy Herd and the Waygu Japanese Cow Herd.

President Mnangagwa will tour the ranching site which has 851 Dairy Cows, 1493 Commercial/Beef Herd and 178 Waygu Japanese Herd.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Mr Nick Mangwana, through his Twitter said Zimplats has a target to have1500 Dairy cows by June 2022.

“Currently they are expecting an average production of 3100 litres of milk per day, however, they have targeted to produce 13000-16000 litres per day by end of 2022,” said Mr Mangwana.

“In their Commercial/Beef department, they have targeted to have 2000 cattle by December 2021 and 5000 breeding cow herd by 2026. Their beef sales to the local market will commence in October 2021 with an estimated peak production of 1400 tonnes of beef per annum and 630 tonnes per annum for export markets,” added Mr Mangwana.

Zimplats have plans for further investment into core breeding herd through acquisition of 20 full blood Waygu cows in 2021 and 10 full blood Waygu Bulls in 2022.

The President is also groundbreaking the site for the construction of a Dairy Parlour which will commence this year.

On completion, it is estimated to contribute 30 percent towards closing the current national milk supply gap.

Zimplats have already embarked in a contract with Dairiboard in terms of milk production.