President Mnangagwa meets with Miners in the Midlands Province

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President Mnangagwa meets with Miners in the Midlands Province


Mako Jerera


President Mnangagwa said miners are the center of building this country while addressing a mining interface organized by Miners Forum for Economic Development (Miners4ED) at the Zanu PF Winery Convention Centre in Gweru this afternoon.


President Mnangagwa said, “When the Second Republic came to power, the mining sector contributed $2,5 billion to the economy. Now it contributes $12 billion. Of this, artisanal miners are contributing 60% to the mining revenue.”


Zimbabwe has vast mineral deposits such as gold, platinum, diamond, chrome, lithium, and coal, among others with the Midlands holding its fair share as the Great Dyke cuts through it.


“Miners are the center of building this country. God endowed this country with vast minerals. If we do not have the knowledge of extracting our minerals, lest wait until we acquire the knowledge to exploit them,” President Mnangagwa added.


Miners4ED national coordinator Mr Maclean Anashe Khozi said the stage has been set for the interface. The interface, he said, is coming at a time when the sector is working towards the US$ 12 billion economy by the end of the year.


“All is set for the Miners4ED interface with President Mnangagwa this morning. As miners for Economic Development, we are here to facilitate the mobilisation of youths and women within the mining sector so that they contribute immensely to the growth of the sector,” he said.


The mining interface was attended by small to medium-scale miners who make the bulk of the association. Miners4ED has a membership of nearly 200 000 but statics on the ground indicate that there are over 1.5 million small-scale to medium miners in the country.