President Mnangagwa gets first vaccine shot

by | Mar 24, 2021 | COVID 19, Local News | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

President Emmerson Mnangagwa landed Victoria Falls today aboard Air Zimbabwe’s Mbuya Nehanda Aeroplane.
President Mnangagwa, flew to Victoria Falls immediately after launching the Zimbabwe Information Technology Company factory in Harare.
When he got to the tourism city, President Mnangagwa did not waste time and proceeded to launch the second phase of the National Vaccination Programme and get his first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine alongside other Zimbabwean political leaders at Victoria Falls Hospital.
As President Mnangagwa received his first jab Vice president (Rtd) General Constantino Chiwenga stood on watch by his side.
“Dzokorora !” President Mnangagwa jokingly said to the administering health-worker after getting the jab, hinting towards how painless the process was.
“Today’s event is yet another testimony of resilience and determination by my administration to ensure that Zimbabwe continues towards the achievement of an upper middle income economy by 2030.

“Furthermore this launch is historic in that it is not only being held here in the city of Victoria Falls, our premium tourist destination but also, in attendance are leaders from the various political parties in our country who will also recieve their cCOVID-19 doses,” said President Mnangagwa.
President Mnangagwa said the COVID-19 pandemic has no political affiliation and that Zimbabweans must build on the unity of purpose demonstrated in Victoria Falls today.

Present at the event where political leaders and members of Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) representing their parties in support of the launch of National Vaccination Programme Phase Two.

They too got inoculated thereby joining the 60 percent target population for inoculation in order to attain herd immunity.

Hon Douglas Mwonzora (MDC-T), Mukahana Sangarwe Zimbabwe Gender Commition, William Mugadza (BCP), Innocent Mupanganyama (ZIPP), Trust Chikohora (COD), Peter Wilson (DOP), Lovemore Madhuku (NCA), Daniel Shumba (NPF) and other Polad members were present at the auspicious event.

Senator Mwonzora said the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected the way of life of Zimbabweans and must not be used for political gains.

“This Pandemic is both a national and international pandemic and therefore has to be completely depoliticizes which is whey there are political leaders here other than the political leaders of the ruling party.
“We have adopted a new philosophy, a new way of doing our politics. First of all we must be guided by what is in the best interest of our people. It must be Zimbabweans first and our political self aggrandizement second,” said Hon Mwonzora.

Multitudes were lined up in the resort city to, eagerly waiting to receive their first shot of the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine.
Gogo Margaret Ndlovu, a resident of Victoria Falls expressed her gratitude saying that the people of Victoria Falls have found relief after living in fear of the COVID-19 virus.
“We would hear that in other countries they had started getting vaccinated, and when Zimbabwe go its consignment we could not wait for our turn to get inoculated.
“President Mnangagwa has helped us as Victoria Falls so much by bringing this vaccine because we have lost a lot of good people to the virus,” added Gogo Ndlovu.

Gogo Ndlovu admitted that prior to the coming of the vaccine there was some stigma towards it because of ignorance and questions on how safe the vaccine was.

“Yes, a lot of us were terrified, but they became more confident of the vaccine after they started getting news that Harare, Bulawayo and other cities were receiving the vaccine and getting jabbed.

The main problem was and still is ignorance and misinformation, the people who came here today are the dare devils who will testify to those in their homes that it is safe and that the speculations are false,” she added

Pastor Tawanda Chuma from General Foundation Apostolic Church in Christ said he came in his cleric regalia representing churches to denounce the misinterpretation that churches are against the vaccination.

He said that he encourages his fellow clergymen that it is time to move with science and technology because no prayer will heal Corona Virus.
“I am representing those churches of Zion and Apostolic nature, most of these churches you will find that there are false prophets who will discourage people from taking medication and try to administer prayers instead.
“We thank our Government for getting Zimbabwe this vaccination that we so desperately need especially in Victoria Falls who have been chosen to pioneer in this second phase of the programme. I have already gotten my jab and as proof I will testify to other congregants and residents in Victoria Falls,” said Pastor Tshuma.
Zimbabwe as to date recorded 36 665 confirmed cases and 1 512 confirmed deaths.