President invites African Companies to Partner Innovation Hubs and Industrial Parks 

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President invites African Companies to Partner Innovation Hubs and Industrial Parks


Brian Rungano Temba

Speaking at the CEO Africa Annual Roundtable today, His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa made a clarion call to all Companies to join the new age of African Renaissance steered by Education 5.0.


He said this his opening remarks while officially opening the 9th Edition of the CEO Africa Annual Roundtable at Elephant Hills Resort in Victoria Falls.


“Dialogue and the cross-pollination of ideas remain critical for the realisation of the African renaissance and prosperity that this Conference is desirous to see.


As you are aware my Government has adopted the Heritage based Education 5.0 model which has seen the production of goods and services, through science, technology and innovation.


The associated Innovation Hubs and Industrial Parks have the potential of stimulating vibrant new industries on our nation, while research and development outcomes can have far rea hing impacts on your business as the Private sector. Our you g talented learners have developed start-ups, products and services which, you in the Private sector must partner and support,” said President Mnangagwa.


President Mnangagwa said that his government is actively pursuing engagement and re-engagement with private sector players as well to maximise trade opportunities.


“I expect you, through the various sub-sectors, to have traceable growth with regards increased investment and penetration into regional and global markets


Business by business and industry by industry, I call upon you to play a part I the realisation of the national growth targets of each of our main economic sub-sectors.


The policy of engagement and re-engagement diplomacy, which my Administration cementing closer ties with old and new partners should translate into business and market growth opportunities for the private sector. Zimbabwe is friend to all and enemy to none,” added President Mnangagwa.


The Conference is running under the theme, “Towards African Renaissance: Prospering through Smart Partnerships.”


The CEO Africa Roundtable strives to provide a viable and significant platform for championing economic growth across the continent.


It also offers its members and the business leaders’ space for in-person and digital events, experts’ insights, enhances connections and transactions as well as provide room for exchange of ideas and experiences.