Preach practical prosperity concepts, Pastors told

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Hosia Mviringi

Flamboyant Prophet Passion Java has urged Prophets and Ministers of religion to empower their congregants through preaching practical prosperity concepts.

Prophet Java is known for his controversial, sarcastic, truth-telling which always stirs controversy among critics and admirers.

In a recent undated video clip seen by this writer, Java chastised fellow Pastors and Prophets who are in the habit of deceiving their followers, by preaching mysterious prosperity messages without offering sustainable practical concepts to sustain such promises.

“Just imagine yourself, seated at the dinner table, with others hitting fork and knife while you feast on bacon and cheese.

That is where I strongly disagree with most of your Pastors and Prophets who simply and ignorantly encourage people to fast, pray, and even pay ‘seed money’ for longer life without giving them practical advice on attaining long life such as eating well,” said Java.

“How can one attain longer life on an empty stomach? Is it even feasible to enjoy the long life while starving? quipped Java.

Prophet Java encouraged religious leaders not to mislead their followers by promising miracle wealth and money, but rather they should lead their flock in the path of practical wealth creation through empowerment programmes such as self-help projects.

“That is why I empower people. I empower the youths with practical money making ideas and concepts that can set them on the path to economically independence and enjoy worshipping God on a full stomach”.

” Go out to the river and learn how to catch fish to feed yourself and to sell to others. Find firewood or sweet potatoes, sell and make a dollar. That is true empowerment. One must learn how to practically put food on the table so that they won’t blame and curse God due to biting poverty,” said the charismatic preacher.

Government has been on a sustained crusade to empower it’s citizens, with a deliberate bias towards the youthful, with projects to empower a generation and move them out of the unemployment trap.

Government has gone out of the way to establish such institutions as the Empower Bank, Women’s Bank and many other revolving funds under the Youth and Women’s Ministries to lend a hand to aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to earn an honest living while adding value to the national economy.

The Affirmative Action Group, on whose Board Java sits as Vice President, is an advocate for true empowerment for the previously disadvantaged indigenous people who desire to venture into business.

Twabam, as Java is fondly called by his legion of followers said such men and women of the cloth that promise miracle wealth are merely preying on unsuspecting and desperate congregants who in most cases end up parting with their hard earned cash at the promise of more miraculous riches, with mostly nothing to show in return.