Popular juice recalled from market

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Brian Rungano Temba

South African company Pioneer foods, which manufactures Ceres, a 100 percent fruit juice has recalled its products after laboratory tests have shown that it has more patulin deposits than is recommended.

Patulin is a potent fungal toxin that occurs in damaged and rotten fruits and fruit juice made from poor quality fruits.

In a statement, Common Markets for Eastern Africa (COMESA) Competition Commission said patulin can cause sickness.

“The recall by Pioneer Foods follows laboratory tests and engagements with the local supplier of the apple juice concentrate used in the reconstitution of the concentrate into apple juice.

The supplied concentrate contains patulin levels higher than the legal threshold of 50 parts per bullion (microgram/kg). According to the World Health Organisation, patulin is a form of a mycotoxin. Consumption of high levels of patulin may cause nausea, gestrointestinal disturbances and vomiting,” read the notice.

The single unit barcode on the recalled batches should read ; 6001240200018.

According to the notice, the Ceres apple juice with the date coding below are affected.


– PD 14.06.2021/ BB 14.06.2022

– PD 22.06.2021/ BB 21.06.2022

– PD 28.06.2021/ BB 28.06.2022

– PD 29.06.2021/ BB 29.06.2022

– PD 30.06.2021/ BB 30.06.2022

The markets affected by the recalled batches are Democratic Republic of Congo, Seychelles, Zambia and Zimbabwe.