Poor cousins film in false launch, as producers fail to get clearance

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Mako Jerera and Brian Rungano Temba

Producers of new local film, Poor Cousins had to resort to an online launch after authorities had stopped a glitz and glamour launch, which had been scheduled for this past Saturday.

The much-anticipated Poor Cousins produced by Nelned Pictures was set to premier at Ster-Kinekor, Sam Levy Village in Harare, but the event did not receive the requisite clearance.

Guests who had already assembled, had to go home without watching the much publicised film which has appearances from Passion Java, Fantan and other socialites.

Nelned Pictures cried foul, saying the authorities were not fair to them.

Movie production manager Ngonidzashe Chinovava told Tateguru TV that the premiere was supposed to begin at 1pm with a red-carpet reception with the movie premiering at 3pm, but unfortunately plans changed disapproved the event as it was not being compliant with the current Level Four Lockdown regulations.

Sydney Taivavashe, director of the movie apologized to their fans for the inconveniences through a statement.

“Yesterday (Saturday August 14, 2021) we were supposed to start screening Poor Cousins at Ster-Kinekor Cinemas but unfortunately things didn’t go according to our plans as we were misled by the NACZ and Ster-Kinekor Zimbabwe that we could also screen our movie at their cinemas as they are currently showing international films.

20 minutes before our movie could start screening they told us that the cinemas are only open for international films because of COVID. For those that had come to watch the movie, we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused,”Taivavashe said.

The film was later streamed live on Sunday on YouTube at 9p.m. and had an audience of 1 300 online viewers with 30 minutes worth of advertising time.

Taivavashe says they ran a loss in preparations and bookings for the event but resorted to premiering online in order not to disappoint their fans.

NACZ Executive Director Mr. Nicholas Moyo told Tateguru T.V. that neither Nelned Pictures nor Ster-Kinekor were supposed to have gatherings during the lockdown.

“I have been trying to find the full details on what happened on Saturday. If you live in Zimbabwe then you know that gatherings have been prohibited within the current level 4 Lockdown regulations save for funerals with a stipulated number of attendees and churches, guaranteed their congregants are all vaccinated. Do the police know that Ster-Kinekor was running another movie with people paying and getting in to watch, because that is illegal?


At times our challenge is that Police won’t even be knowing that these things are happening. It is the duty of the fourth Estate to expose such illegal acts,” said Mr Moyo.


Mr Moyo also confirmed that Nelned Pictures is registered with the NACZ and have been working well with together on their previous productions including the Poor Cousins movie.

“As NACZ we have facilitated for Nelned Pictures in their productions including their previous one, but we hold no right to say that people should gather because we are all guided by the law,” he added.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told Tateguru TV that all Entertainment gigs, parties or Cinemas were not given the green light to open in the recently extended Level-Four National Lockdown.

“All gatherings that do not fall within the criteria of Funerals and Churches with the recommended numbers and conditions are illegal and must be reported to the Police.,” said Asst Comm Nyathi.


He confirmed that the police are looking into the case.