Police probe Munatsi death

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Crime & Courts, Local News | 0 comments


Nevanji Chiondegwa

The police are carrying out investigations around the circumstances that led to the death of Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (ZIDA) Chief Executive Officer Doug Munatsi, who died in the early hours of Monday.

Mr Munatsi was resident at the high end Northfields Flats were he occupied the 10th Floor penthouse of the building.

His residence was gutted by fire with Charles Gadner, an occupant of the lower floor apartment having been the first person to witness the fire after hearing an explosion coming from Mr Munatsi’s place.

He informed Police that Mr Munatsi asked him to call the fire brigade from the balcony of his place.


Mr Munatsi was found in the bathroom of the main bedroom sitting beside the tub with some burns on his hands and legs still dressed in t-shirts and shorts which had not been touched by any flames.

On the fateful day, Mr Munatsi had last communicated with his family on a family WhatsApp group at 0159HRS, suggesting he was awake and lucid at that hour.

Investigations have so far yielded that he received a female guest only recorded as Coleta NFPK at around 7pm on Sunday (November 28) and she left at 21:18HRS same day.

Police are now keen to interview the guest who so far has remained a mystery.

Meanwhile, a postmortem to establish the cause of death is awaited as is the investigations into the cause of fire.