Plot to scandalize Zim economy exposed 

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Yvonne Tinotenda Mutambwa

The online attacks, currently being directed to key state actors and top businesspeople are part of an elaborate plan to soil the country`s image, with an aim to reduce the confidence which currently obtains.

Finance and Economic Development Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga is the latest victim of the strategy being bankrolled by the usual suspects, the United States Embassy.

Tateguru Tv is reliably informed that this strategy involves scandalizing top businesspeople and Government technocrats, accusing them of corruption as well as financial imprudence.

The strategy kicked off with an attack on business tycoon Kudakwashe Tagwirei early last year.

This resulted in Tagwirei and his businesses being placed under American sanctions.

Then there was the attack on Professor Mthuli Ncube, which emanated from Alpha Media Holdings.

Zimbabwe Independent wrote a fake article, which they retracted the following week.

In the article were wild claims that were made about how he was living large at the Meikles Hotel, on Government expense.

Professor Ncube has been famous for promoting austerity and savings. The claim meant to make all his pronouncements fly in his face amid the ravenous, gluttonous and luxury love claimed.

Then the current 50th birthday celebrations of PS Guvamatanga has given them something to latch on and continue their onslaught.

There is a deliberate plot to present the celebrations as funded by the tax-payer.

There is also a deliberate move to misrepresent the Guvamatanga as a man of no means and therefore could not have been able not merely to hire Makhadzi the energetic Venda traditional music performer, but to even host the party.

Kuda Tagwirei`s presence at the party, sent pseudo-analysts into a delirium, with them making imagined connections between the gifts and Government contracts.

People are deliberately blinded from from fact that Guvamatanga is in fact a former banker who worked at Barclays Bank for 28 years.

He is also a successful business with investment portfolio in many areas of business. Guvamatanga is also a successful farmer, a cattle rancher.


The attacks are meant to destroy and shake investors’ confidence in the country and of course, dragt Guvamatanga’s name into mud.

American funded organisations have tried to discredit the country`s reform agenda, especially relating to the fight against corruption.

They have also tried to discredit the country`s reform agenda, especially on the fight against graft, using words like looting, ‘catch and release’ and corruption getting thrown around.

Time and again, activists have been urged to approach their nearest police station to place charges against those they accuse of corruption, but none have come forward.

The effect of these diatribes is to send negative shockwaves in the business environment.

This does not come as a surprise to many as Nelson Chamisa, made it clear that it was his mission to sabotage any development-oriented program.

Chamisa is famous for the infamous ‘kudira jecha’ statement, which is characterised with bitter rants on social media.

The relationship between the opposition party officials and Anti-Government individuals is not a secret as they have openly arranged and mobilised demonstrations that resulted in violence.