Passion Java resurrects forgotten crooner

by | Jul 4, 2021 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Hosia Mviringi

In typically dramatic fashion, a long-forgotten musical prodigy, Rockford Josphat, aka Roki, has rebounded from near oblivion to once again become the new household darling for music lovers in Zimbabwe with a newly released single ‘Zviriko’.

The Urban Groover was a sensation in the early 2000s when he serenaded the young and young at heart with his melodious velvet voice, dishing out hit song after hit song.

He became one of the most prominent young musicians to dominate the limelight together with such talented youngsters as Stunner, Leonard Mapfumo, Pauline Gundidza- whom he later married and divorced-, Trevor Dongo, Alexio Kawara, Maskiri just to mention but a few.

The highly talented, versatile, yet controversial song writer, choreographer and performer did a collaboration with Leonard Mapfumo in the early 2000s to release the hit song “Seiko”. He later collaborated with Mafrique on the Chamhembe Album project.

He released his first single called ” Suzana” in 2001 before launching his solo career in earnest in 2007 when he released his album which contained such hits as “Chidzoka”.

Roki, who has been found wanting many times in terms of discipline, went quiet since 2008 and many had wondered where this gem of a musician had disappeared to.

Enter Passion Java.

Prophet Passion Java is passionate about local musical talent. When he established Passion Java Music, his major goal was to help resurrect, revitalise and redirect youth artists into appreciating music as a serious career path for them and their families. He adopted such talented young musicians as Soul Musaka aka Soul Jah Love.

The singer had struggled with discipline for a long time which could see him miss recording session
In the latest hit song “Zviriko”, he represents a man who falls knee deep in love with a woman. But when he later discovers that the woman was already taken, he refuses to let go, insisting that ” Zviriko”, meaning that it’s not peculiar to him to love a woman like he does. The rest is history.

On this song Roki rekindles the memories and emotions of the Urban Grooves era as he refuses to play high paced music. This one is no different as it can easily drive one into deep soul searching, to some extent reminiscing about long lost love.
This is the essence of Art in general and music in particular.

Take nothing away from the man, Roki is a gem.
Prophet Passion Java brought the magic touch that brought this gem of an artist out of early retirement and with such partnerships, the future of Zimbabwean music is bright.