Overwhelming support for the Second Republic in New York

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Brian Rungano Temba

Yesterday, the December 12 Movement held a demonstration outside the United nations Headquaters in New York, United States of America.

The demonstration was attended by December 12 Movement members and other anti-imperialism.
In their hundreds, they took to the street of New York to celebrate President Mnangagwa’s success and call for the removal of illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe.

D12 International Secretariat, Roger Wareham said the purpose of the rally is to celebrate Zimbabwe’s current successes in agriculture, health care, infrastructure and economic development, while enduring 20 years of illegal sanctions and to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the opposition and its funder.

Key speakers at the rally was ZANU PF US District Vice Chairperson, Cde Simba Mujuru who shared the news of government’s successes with fellow marchers on the streets of New York.

“We have a story to tell and we must continue to spread the truth because there are a lot of people who are spreading lies out there.

The President of ZImbabwe Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been leading Zimbabwe since 2017 and in that time things have begun to change,” said Cde Mujuru.
He said the progress being recorded by the Second Republic is testament to the commitment by the national leadership to improving the lives of citizens.
“We are building our Hydro Electrical Power stations which means we will no longer be importing electricity but producing it in Zimbabweregardless of the Sanctions.

We are building a brand new Airport and the roads are getting better and in Zimbabwe right now the deaths are under 5 000,” said Cde Mujuru.

Cde Mujuru told Tateguru TV that he came to debunk the lies that people have been spreading on social media especially that Diasporans cannot vote

“I stay in America but I come from Mashonaland East and every election season I fly back home and vote for my party. We have always been free to come back home and vote,” said Cde Mujuru.

Attending the rally was Masimba Mukwindidza who is based in Dallas US who spoke of how the Sanctions that have been said to be smart sanctions and targeted, are in fact targeting all Zimbabweans local or in the Diaspora.
“Sometimes our fellow countrymen back home do not know that the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States of America and the West actually affect all of us the ordinary people. This is mainly because we are told that thee sanctions are targeted.

I tried to open an account with the company PayPal and was barred from opening one because I am from Zimbabwe and that Zimbabwe is on the no business list,” said Mukwindidza.
He called on Zimbabaeans to stand against these sanctions, because they make life difficult for both us in the diaspora and our relatives back home.

At the same venue the MDC-Alliance America had attempted to hold what they had dubbed the mother of all Demos in a bid to out shine and snatch the lime light from the D12 Movement.
However, less than 10 people showed up for their miscarried demonstration.