Outstanding Permanent Secretaries honoured

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Hosia Mviringi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has extoled four top performing Permanent Secretaries who exceeded set targets as spelt out in their performance contracts.

Last year, the President introduced performance contracts for senior government officials at which all Permanent Secretaries committed themselves to work towards accomplishing performance targets as set out in their contracts.

A review has shown that four exceeded targets, 13 met their targets, while three fell short of expectations.
Professor Fanuel Tagwira of the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, who was adjudged to be among the best performers having overseen the country’s first cough remedy Cofsol made from Zumbani (Lippia-Jivanica).

Professor Tagwira presided over the production of Medical Oxygen by Verify Engineering in Mutare, which has managed to satisfy local demand for medical oxygen within a year of operation.

Verify Engineering, which has a capacity of 50 tons production of Medical Oxygen can satisfy local demand of 150 tons within three days, leaving an excess production of 27 days which can be exported to earn foreign currency.

Professor Tagwira also oversaw the establishment of Innovation hubs in all State Universities country wide which are helping in the commercialisation of many critical student innovations across all sectors.

Another top performer was Dr Thokozile Chitepo of the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation who is credited for facilitating empowerment programs for the youth.
She oversaw the training of 22,000 youths in different leadership short courses over the year under assessment.

Youths are an integral part of a growing economy and therefore targeted empowerment and economic inclusion programs are a top priority for the government.

Dr. John Basera of the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement was also awarded for his effort in ensuring the country`s food security.
Dr Basera supervised the production of major crops, which surpassed targets across the board.
Grain production was 3.4 million tons in 2021, about 2 million tons above the five-year production average.

Staple maize production was impressive at 2.7 million tons, which is more than double the five-year comparative production average.
This impressive production performance came on the back of intensive distribution of government subsidised agricultural inputs through such programs as the famed Conservation Farming / Pfumvudza / Intwasa and the Presidential input scheme which financed many other crops such as cotton and small grains.

Local production of food crops has seen the import bill for grains coming down significantly thereby directing the scarce foreign currency to other critical sectors of the economy.

Dr Basera oversaw the accelerated mechanistic and climate proofing of agriculture in Zimbabwe through acquisition and targeted deployment of tillage and irrigation equipment.

His Ministry oversaw the installation of new irrigation equipment as well as rehabilitation of old irrigation schemes, while ZINWA is drilling boreholes in the government program of drilling a borehole in each of the 35,000 villages countrywide.
Dam construction is going in all of the country’s ten Provinces for irrigation purposes.

Finance and Economic Planning Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga also made the list for prudently managing the fiscus under difficult circumstances.
He can be credited for managing to keep the exchange rate relatively stable throughout the year, this keeping the local currency stable and usable across the wider economy.

His Ministry did well stemming inflationary pressure through tactful management of liquidity and instituting right expenditure controls which resulted in budget surpluses.

Resource disbursement to critical capital projects such as dam and road construction, irrigation infrastructure, and critical equipment importation was almost seamless throughout the year.
His efficiency and timely disbursement of devolution funds was commendable as projects progressed smoothly countrywide. He played the enabler’s role with distinction.

Performance contracts were introduced last year to provide clear parameters for monitoring and evaluation of performance by top government employees.

Today, at a ceremony in Harare the accountability tool was extended to other public officers.
Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, University Vice Chancellors and Parastatal Heads were made to sign performance based contracts.

Out of the 20 Permanent Secretaries 4 exceeded targets, 13 met their targets while tine didn’t make it to the finish line due to varying reasons.
Overall, government performance for the year 2021 was satisfactory.

Performance contracts for senior bureaucrats are a good public management tool to measure performance and encourage hard work and dedication to duty by public officials.