Opposition confusion reaches crescendo

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Opposition confusion reaches crescendo

• as Khupe campaigns to fill by-election vacancies she created

Pretty Manyewe

Citizens Coalition for Change supporters who were under the impression that their voice matters in the administration of their party have been given a cold reminder of who runs the show as Nelson Chamisa has admitted Thokozani Khupe back into the party.

Khupe who has been described as a ZANU PF projects since her departure from Nelson Chamisa`s party earlier today held a press conference where she said she is joining CCC by virtue of her being a citizen.

To show her ‘sincerity,’ Khupe yesterday Khupe joined a door-to-door campaign which was organised by CCC.

What was lost to her is that the forthcoming election is an outcome of the recalls she dished out without restraint during last parliamentary session.

Her argument was Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri, who were appointed party vice president outside Congress cannot act as interim leaders for the opposition.

This was after Morgan Tsvangirai`s death on February 14 2018.

Disagreements saw her departure from the party, where she was labelled a ZANU PF project.

During the time she was MDC-T Interim President, Khupe recalled many opposition legislators and councilors.

Today she just announced that she will be helping those she removed from office to seek re-election.

Khupe told the press today that she will be mobilizing support for CCC candidates in the upcoming by-elections and next year’s elections, despite being the reason behind the vacant posts.

She justified her support for CCC saying, “It is citizens who are coming together. It is citizens who are converging so we are able to take state’s power. So as MDC-T we are converging together with other citizens so that we form a formidable force which is going to take state power in 2023.”

When pictures of Khupe and CCC Vice President Welshman Ncube surfaced online last month, people on social media said she is not welcome within the party.

However, the people were to eventually learn that their voices do not mean as much as they assumed.

There is only one decision maker in CCC, and that is Nelson Chamisa.

Khupe is known for flip flopping and CCC allowing her to join the party shows not only desperation to grow the failing party but also having run out of cards to play in the political game that has shown victory multiple times for the ruling party.

The endorsement from Khupe however will not help change things for the better for CCC as Khupe is bringing nothing to the table.

This might even cause more havoc since supporters are not in line with Khupe being a part of CCC.

Chamisa at rallies has been trying to frame himself as a man with a plan, but these desperate moves show that behind closed doors he is out of sorts.