Opinion: Police must reopen Glen View cop murder case

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Alex Ndhlovu

Two MDC activists Tungamirai Madzokere and Last Maengahama were recently acquitted after spending eight years in jail at the Chikurubi Maximum Security Prisons.

Last Maengahama was a MDC National Executive Member and Tungamirai madzokere was a Harare Councilor before their arrest.

The pair were Charged with murdering police officer Petros Mutedza in Glenview Harare 2011 the time the country had a Government of National Unity.

They have been released 10years later following reviews to the case.

Their release has been turned into immediate political fodder by the usual characters, something which is shameful but not surprising.

As we feel for them, for going through their ordeal, thoughts should also be directed to the family of deceased police officer Petros Mutedza in Mukumbura.

They lost a father and a breadwinner on that fateful day.

The acquittal of the Madzokere and Maengahama means the real perpetrators are walking free right now.

Police must reopen the case to give closure to the family.

Perpetrators must be brought to book.

Mishaps of that nature, should evoke reflection among those who lead political entities.

The death could have been avoided had opposition leaders been responsible enough to restrain their supporters rather than incite them.

It also behooves supporters to avoid being sacrificial lambs as appears to be the case now.

The opposition has a history of using drunken youths to perpetuate.

MDC have a history of using Violent and drunken youths to perpetrate violence against law enforcement agencies.

Over the years, under the previous occupants, Harvest House had become a haven of lawlessness.

Young people would openly use drugs on the vicinity of the premises which were declared a no go area for police or anyone believed to be affiliated with Government.

Even businesses were not spared.
Maybe it is time for a culture change, gone are the days of clenched fist politics.
We are now in the era of debating policy and ideologies.

That said, if the released duo was not responsible for the murder of Petros Mutedza, it means someone was.
We hope the police will solve the puzzle for us soon.