Opinion: I do not like political idiots!

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Munyaradzi wekwa Chivi

Nelson Chamisa, the leader of one of the MDC factions never disappoints with his eloquent nonsense.

Whenever he is given a chance in front of a crowd or a microphone, one is assured that we are about to hear idiocy pontificated as political wisdom from a perpetually juvenile delinquent and deviant who never outgrew the need to play the village graveside prankster.

Not that the guffaws he draws from his statements is anything to laugh about on the whole, in fact, it is something very worrying.

I do not like political idiots and worse, do not suffer foolishness easily.

It is disappointing to have an irresponsible and immature opposition leader who takes everything happening in his country as a joke or something to take a jibe at his political opponents.

How Nelson Chamisa thought to roundly embarrass and insult the whole of Zimbabwe by claiming that it is people going to vaccination centres that are vaccinating themseleves and not Government is not something to laugh about.

To think that Nkululeko Sibanda his spokesperson wanted President Mnangagwa to allow Chamisa an irrationally obnoxious Chamisa to temporarily assume soberness and sanity and fly in the same plane with him to attend a function of our neighbours in a posturing copied from mature politicians from Botswana, albeit for the sake of boarding a plane makes one doubt his doctorate.

Many people, myself included, used to think Nelson Chamisa lies. I have been and am certain as they have been proved wrong, it certainly is not true that Chamisa lies.

The truth is Chamisa suffers from psychosis, or Delusional Disorder, a serious mental illness where one looks perfectly coherent and normal but their mind can no longer distinguish between reality and imagination.

The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue.

Donald Trump meetings, authorship of Rwandan ICT policy and Zambian army convoy escorts are examples of ambition driven imaginations assuming the status of reality in the politician’s head.

However the recent interview with Diamond TV of Zambia at the inauguration of President Hakainde Hichilema takes the cake.

Chamisa, ever the narcissist couldn’t handle the fact that Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout, which has received far and wide praise was being attributed to the able leadership of President Mnangagwa and chose to instead attack it from all angles.

An irrationally obnoxious Chamisa, first declared that it was not Government which was vaccinating people but people going to vaccinating centres who were vaccinating themselves. How this makes sense only him and nobody else knows.

Chamisa then made the most ridiculous of all claims when he said all of Zimbabwe’s vaccines are donated contrary to established facts!

Government through both Ministry of Finance and Economic Development through Prof. Mthuli Ncube, the Minister, who has never missed a delivery of purchased vaccine and Health and Child Care have been detailed and thorough on updates.

IMF, World Bank and World Health Organisation have all praised Zimbabwe’s vaccine procurement and roll out.

These organisations have serious and thorough tracking mechanisms and one wonders how it is only Chamisa who is not aware of the purchases.

What makes it even more shocking is the fact that outgoing US Ambassador Brian Nichols, his erstwhile backer and government critic praised the Zimbabwe vaccine rollout programme.

To be fair on him, his third statement on the issue, that is, the need to make our own vaccines is not wrong and off the mark.

What was wrong with it was to throw in a comment alleging that the whole world is somehow planning a self annihilation via biological warfare.

Study areas and degree combination can be deadly.

From marketing to Politics, proceed to do International Relations, then Theology Degree, then a Law Degree. Certainly this combination will produce an accomplished pathological liar capable of saying “Zimbabwean Government has not has not purchased an vaccination. All of it has been donated so there is no need to praise Mnangagwa for it.”

Pathological liars tell completely unnecessary lies.

Chamisa certainly is lacking in his understanding to of international relations. Donations on their own show that one of the policies by President Mnangagwa of Engagement and Reengagement is working. He should have realised the countries that have donated to Zimbabwe to be countries which the President has travelled to.

His is vastly disconnected from reality and has been roundly condemned for it. How he wants the international community to take him seriously when he calls them mass murderers is beyond me.

America and Britain, who are some of the benefactors of him and his faction of the MDC have been trying to muscle Zimbabwe to accept their own Covid-19 vaccines. Does he then mean they want to wipe us out using biological weapons?

Maybe seeing that his faction officials have been busy fighting to have Pfizer, Mordena, J n J, AstraZeneca on our list of approved vaccines, he maybe be suffering delusions.

How he makes such outlandish claims that people are vaccinating themselves on a programme that has received praises from the Australian Parliament in comparison to their own, from the contrary American Embassy and all multilateral organisations does say there is something wrong with the perpetually toddler Chamisa, no offense to toddlers.

Zimbabwe has vaccinated over 5% of its population, is ranked number three in Africa, only behind powerhouses Egypt and Morroco.

To Chamisa, this does not speak of President Mnangagwa successes or leadership ability. How he does not link the vaccination programme successes and Covid19 vaccine procurement to President Mnangagwa or to ZANU PF Government leadership shows that there is something unhinged about him.

I declare with no shadow of doubt that this man is the most stupid person in the entire history of stupid.

Clearly he does not even rise to the level of an idiot and what he says does not rise to the level of nonsense.

I have no doubt the lunatic fringe will still cheer this, but frankly I did not spend so many library hours gaining erudition so as to give intellectual political commentary on this kind of nincompoopery.


I do not like stupid people!