Open Letter to Joseph Kalimbwe

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments


Dear Joseph

It is in unfortunate that I find myself expending time to write a letter, when I could have been engaging in other fruitful engagements.

However, it would be unAfrican to ignore a brother testing the warmth of a beehive with his finger.

Since the coming into power of your party, you have spent more time mocking and provoking Zimbabwe than you have spent communicating to your own country.

We get it, electoral victories can be intoxicating, it takes some time to get used to.

Such is the nature of state power, this is why systems have orientation processes in which those who come into power are taught of the decorum demanded by the office.

If Zambia is a decent country, which I believe it is, then the Presidency and key people in the administration have been taught of how to engage with sister nations.

Seeing that you did not get a significant role, in terms of appointments, the lessons may have missed you.

Not to worry, I can share a few pointers, to allow you to grow politically without much incident.

It is at this point in your best interest to focus on the promises you made to your own electorate as the UPND.

You ran an impressive political campaign, which saw you make larger than lives promises, the Zambian electorate is expectant, instead of trying to test your wit on Zimbabwean stories, communicate to them your party`s plan to improve their lives.

You are the UPND Information and Publicity Secretary, the weight of the role forces us to take what you say seriously even when there are evident traces of lunacy.

Zimbabwe and Zambia, which are ruled by Zanu Pf and UPND respectively, have matters of mutual interest which cannot be wished away.

These include the natural resources we share, which are of strategic national importance to both countries, do not make future interactions awkward when ZANU PF appointees engage with UPND appointees.

Your relationship with opposition hooligans from this side of the Zambezi should not blind you to the obligations that your Head of State has to all incumbent Presidents across the region.

It is an unwritten rule, that every new President in the region does a tour of SADC, talking to peers and crosspolinating ideas, your patron instead went to Washington.

This begs the question, is this where the instructions to agitate Zimbabwe are emanating from?

Anyways, enough of the lectures, let me tell you what your friends from the MDC-A forget to tell you about Zimbabwe.

The country is currently on a self-funded development and empowerment drive which has seen historically problematic roads being fixed.

I am sure this will allow cargo coming from South Africa to move smoothly through Zimbabwe into Zambia.

See, you are young and at your age institutional memory is something you may not boast of.

Zimbabwe and Zambia has a strong history, they word Siamese twins is used in the reference of the two countries for a reason.

It is a blood bound relationship, that cannot be shaken by the rabid tweets of a boy who did not properly escape adolescence.

This was the best time for Zambia to synchronize with the developmental and re-engagement momentum within the region.

Trying to become a hero by taking a contrarian stance is not wisdom.

Botswana tried it, during Ian Khama`s days and it spotted a lone figure in the region diplomatically.

Luckily, the current President Mokgweetsi Masisi is trying to cure the unfortunate past.

Let me make this clear that this writing was out of courtesy but Zimbabwe is not bothered by your itchy behaviour.

Zimbabwe has been taunted by bigger personalities with more followers on the social media and more influence in geopolitical spaces.

News anchors, renowned economists and political analysts, even cult leaders have dared to look Zimbabwe in the eye, but most have since become history.

It is political suicide to pick a fight with an unstoppable force in the region like Zimbabwe considering how frail you are, politically.

One Lindiwe Zulu from South Africa`s ANC at some point tried to do the same thing you are doing.

The outcome is well documented, she was disciplined by her party as it understood the importance of being in good books with neighbours.

The stakes here are higher now more than grandstanding against the cafeteria for more rations or a change in relish at University of Namibia.

The UPND is now a ruling party, responsible for the 17 million Zambian nationals, that should be your headache as things stand.

Zimbabwe is a pacesetter and an admirable example of true reform. The Second Republic has achieved many exploits that strategically position the whole nation in line with attaining the National Vision of a Middle Income Earning Economy by 2030.


Our strategic positioning is no secret, we are neighbours with sea port nations namely South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique.

We are also the passage from one side of the southern part of Africa to the other. The convenience alone makes it more favourable to have good relations with Zimbabwe for ease of trade in the region.

I am sure you will learn lessons as you grow, it is not a crime to be wet behind the ears.

Do not tweet your party into a predicament, the geopolitical space is more complex.

Young as you are, take time to learn and reflect on the region`s political history.

I am sure when you are done, you will know which fights to pick.

Yours Comradely

Brian Rungano Temba