Ongoing rallies a tonic for the ruling party

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Ongoing rallies a tonic for the ruling party

• ruling parties displays remarkable political maturity


President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his presidium in Zanu Pf have been using ongoing rallies across the country to unify ZANU PF as election season approaches.

The ruling ZANU PF is the only party to have held primary elections in Zimbabwe and is the only political institution to have held elections for its district leadership.

Naturally, when contests happen there is need to encourage magnanimity and ensure that both winners as well as the losing candidates realise the importance of working for the greater good of the party.

President Mnangagwa`s leadership has been on full show during the star rallies he has been presiding over, as he made it a point to counsel those who lost.

It started in Epworth, where ZANU PF Harare Province Political Commissar Kudakwashe Damson appeared to be having a hard time accepting that Zalera Makari had prevailed in the by-election.

At the star rally, and launch of campaign in Harare President Mnangagwa called Damson and Makari to the stage.

He counselled Damson, in front of the thousands that there is still ample time for him to contest for other posts.

“Contests are allowed within the party, that is democracy. This time Cde Makari won, give her a chance and support her.

She once defected and realised it is cold outside ZANU PF and she has returned. Let us support her, those who failed to get their chance this time can try again next time, there is still plenty of time,” said President Mnangagwa at the event.

The same happened in Kwekwe over the past weekend when President Mnangagwa summoned Energy ‘Dhala’ Ncube and Kandros Mugabe, who were disqualified from running in Kwekwe Central after spats of violence in their primary election campaigns.

He told them to depart from their old ways and urged them to support John Mapurazi, who was left as the uncontested candidate after the disqualification.

Dhala and Mugabe accepted their roles, where they are supposed to assist Mapurazi in his election quest as campaign manager and election officer.

This put to rest the contentious issue of Kwekwe Central which enemies of the party were seeking to exploit.

“I would like for people to pursue peace. We can only build this country if we are peaceful. It is okay for people to differ with us politically, but there is no need for us to resort to violence. Instead, we should seek to educate them and possibly convert them so they can resonate with our ideology,” said President Mnangagwa at the rally.

Another key figure at the rallies has been Blessing Chebundo, a MDC founding member.

Chebundo for years was a strong critic of the party, who later decided to relook at his beliefs and what informs them.

“There was a time we were at loggerheads with ZANU PF, but in the new dispensation we are seeing that they are pro-development. There is no reason for us to keep opposing.

There is a time when one has to be objective,” said Chebundo.

With his team of prodigal sons and daughters who returned to the ruling party, Chebundo has been asking for chances to speak to the people and the party has been generous enough to grant the request.

Despite the history which was at certain instances confrontations, President Mnangagwa and ZANU PF have allowed Chebundo to join the party.

They have also granted him a chance to address at gatherings, explaining why he is seeing ZANU PF as a warmer home.

This goes for Lillian Timveous, who has also been a key feature at rallies and events, she is not tiring in explaining her repentance.

President Mnangagwa and the ZANU PF National Political Commissar Dr Mike Bimha have been calling on party members to embrace the new entrants, returnees.

This shows a mature approach to politics, where platforms like rallies are used to galvanise the party instead of spreading hate speech against adversaries like what Nelson Chamisa and his CCC splinter group are doing.

It is becoming increasingly clear why ZANU PF as an institution has remained intact and has only grown since 1963, while the opposition fragments with each calendar year which comes.

Political maturity is on full display at President Mnangagwa`s rallies.