Of political parties and cultism

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Of political parties and cultism

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


This weekend, there are going to be three political rallies in the Midlands Province, one for the ruling party ZANU PF and the other for the re-christened MDC-A now CCC led by Nelson Chamisa


The rallies will both be in the Midlands with Chamisa holding one in Gokwe and then Kwekwe after the ZANU PF one.


The ZANU PF rally is part of the Presidential Star Rallies the ruling party is currently holding as they campaign to try and retain as well as wrest some seats in both Parliament and local government from the opposition in the 26 March 2022 by-elections. The first was in Harare, Epworth and was addressed by the President who will also address another one in Kwekwe. The other three were in Masvingo, Bulawayo and Marondera.


The Bulawayo, Masvingo and Marondera ZANU PF rallies, though Presidential Star Rallies were not addressed by the President, who was out of the country on official business but by members of the ruling party Presidium.


The Bulawayo rally was addressed by ZANU PF Vice President and Second Secretary Cde Kembo Mohadi while the Masvingo Rally was addressed by the Party’s National Chairman Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri.


Both were colourful, oversubscribed events which created stirs. The Bulawayo rally was notable for it being the first Star Rally since the return Cde Jabulani Sibanda who is now the Provincial Chairperson.


The Masvingo rally, held at Ngundu was to drum up support for Cde Farai Zizhou. Notable speakers included Cde Tongai Matutu and Cde Killer Zivhu, the expelled former legislator and of Constituency who declared his undying love for ZANU PF and his return home.


It was the Marondera Rally that created quite the stir though coming on the same day that Nelson Chamisa of the CCC was launching his party’s own campaign rally for the by-elections. The Marondera Rally was addressed by Vice President Gen(RTD) CGDC Chiwenga who is also the VP n Second Secretary of ZANU PF.


The Marondera Rally, despite the fact of it being addressed like its other counterparts in Bulawayo and Masvingo by the ruling party Presidium and not the President, showed why ZANU PF is the ruling party.


By 0800hrs, the venue, Rudhaka Stadium precincts was teeming with members wanting to gain access into the stadium. The whole of Marondera had become alive as the ZANU PF juggernaut came to town. One would have been excused for thinking it was the Party and National President who was coming.


This writer checked with several members making their way into the stadium and with some in the stadium if they knew who was the headline speaker. They all seemed to be aware that it was the Vice President and not the President. On further inquiry they stated that it is not about the President but about the Party. It was a Party function and so they came, it did not matter who was addressing.


That got me thinking to a couple of weeks back after the Epworth Star Rally by President Mnangagwa when Tendai Biti, vice president of Chamisa’s CCC party held his campaign rally in Harare East. If not for the fact of declaring himself an owned goblin, his mockery of legends and disdain for ‘Africanness’, the rally would have gone by without so much as a whimper.


Nobody knew of the rally, nobody talked about it and to say that it was snubbed by fellow party members is to be polite. It was simply not known and not even his being owned by some foreign persons or in foreign halls of power could attract him even some third rate press. If not for social media and the few persons from his party who posted the shocking things he said, none would have known he even held a rally. The ridiculous yellow tie he was wearing said it all.


There was also one attempt at a rally in Bulawayo addressed by the other vice president Welshman Ncube, who was inconspicuous by his absence at Chamisa’s rally in Harare. Well, I know about it because I make it my business to know such things otherwise I wouldn’t know about it kkk…it was so lowly attended that it should have been held in a house lounge. The entourage that came to address was bigger than the attending persons and that about sums it all up.


There have not been any other rallies by CCC, well, that I know of or heard of and I do hear and know about these things. A couple of meetings here and there and the usual claims of being attacked by ruling party members of course. Same cannot be said about ZANU PF that has held massive rallies including in Murehwa South and Binga North that were addressed only by Provincial leadership.


Now that is what got me thinking. So apart from Chamisa, no one else in the opposition circles can have enough Star power to attract a bumper crowd?


My thoughts drove me to a word; cultism, defined as obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing.

I found this too eerily familiar when I thought of Chamisa and his followers. It is worrying that apart from their cultist following of the eloquent but empty Chamisa, nothing else draws them to their party.


The truth of the matter is Citizens Coalition for Change is a contrived sugar coat of Chamisa Chete Chete, which happens to be the inspiration, ideology and vision of this political outfit, a euphoric cultic movement of angry excitable people with a messianic view of politics; people who laughably believe a regalia colour in and of itself is an election winning weapon.


When they are not deluding themselves in the silly idea that a modern society can be successfully governed by the skills and eloquence of one man, skill being confused with age and suits of course.


No idea, no agenda, no plan, no ideology, no strategy, no thinking, no hope. Lots of zeal, excitement, energy, ambition and delusion. Just cultic following of a man!


As long as the opposition is built around an individual it can dream on about assuming political power in Zimbabwe.


That ZANU PF can draw large crowds without the President being there is evident of a party that is alive, that is structured, that has a following of its own and a life outside the leader. Many speculated that after the late National Hero President Mugabe, there would be no ZANU PF, they were solely mistaken. What is no longer there however is Tsvangirai’s party.


Political mobilization is strong when there are structures which can effectively mobilize with or without the presence of its Presidential Candidate/leader.

Let’s be honest, without Chamisa, there is no opposition to talk about. God, let it not be so but should something happen to the eloquent fool, will the opposition survive? Will they attract crowds like noticed in Marondera, Masvingo and Bulawayo? Will they attract crowds noticed in Binga, Mutasa South and Murehwa South?


Until a time this can happen, ZANU PF will continue to dominate national elections.


I do not see ZANU PF fazed an inch in the next two decades!