Of ageism and Chamisa`s brand of toxic politics

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Hosia Mviringi

When Ellias Mudzuri was reprimanded by Charlton Hwende and Murisi Zwizwai at the Rainbow Towers foyer in May 2020, he was infantilised and reduced to a mere toddler.

His crime, attending an interface between parliamentarians and President Mnangagwa at state house.

A veteran politician like Mudzuri, was undressed by political novices to the extent that source say his blood pressure shot up.
Those were tell tale signs that some chose to ignore and the consequences are now showing after a long period of stewing.
Since Tsvangirai`s death, grey haired politicians have been seen as a liability in the MDC-Alliance.

Membership haemorrhage continues unabated in the MDC Alliance party as senior leaders continue trekking to the ruling ZANU PF party.

Yesterday saw former senior opposition member Advocate Obert Gutu and Senator James Makore Chiondegwa joining the revolutionary party.

Their action is seen as a vote of no confidence in the leadership of MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa and big thumbs up to ZANU PF policies and leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Nelson Chamisa is an undemocratic leader whose dictatorial tendencies manifested soon after Morgan Tsvangirai’s death.

He usurped power from Thokozani Khupe, and he has arrogantly kept a tight grip of the position, with dire consequences for anyone who cares challenge him.

Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe were almost burnt alive in a thatched hut in Humanikwa, Buhera, as Chamisa asserted himself on the throne.

His ruthless dictatorial tendencies have persisted to this day.

Years have gone by after the death of Tsvangirai, but student politics has refused to leave the beleaguered youthful leader.
“We are a Second Republic, and what is happening today demonstrates the confidence that these senior members of the opposition now have in the policies of the Second Republic.

I am happy that Advocate Gutu and Senator Makore made reference to the consistency and also to the principles of ZANU PF which are clear, and even clearer now when you listen to the clarion call by the President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa to unite all Zimbabweans”, said ZANU PF Chairman, Cde Opah Muchinguri Kashiri after the reception at State House.
It is true that the vibrancy of youth drives revolutions and inspires innovation worldwide.

Youthfulness without focus remains childish and unproductive. It falls short of the progressive credentials necessary for national leadership.

Nelson Chamisa looks down upon and frowns at all and everyone who exudes a degree of mature wisdom. He detests and despises old and mature members of the movement. He is allergic to reason and sound advice.

Youthfulness is just but a demographic. It is not an ideology.

A sound ideology is what unites a people under a common vision.

It is tragic that Nelson Chamisa seems to have embraced the toxic ideology of the G40 cabal which had erroneously established that only the young, below 40s, have the right and the necessary aptitude to lead and take the nation forward.

This warped view is what is driving all mature members out of the MDC Alliance.

Nelson Chamisa deliberately embraced an exclusionist mentality which makes all and any grey-haired member feel out of place. It is inexcusable to think that one’s elders cease to be useful just because of their age.

At the height of the 2018 election campaigns, the MDC welcomed members from all over the place including some former ZANU PF heavyweights such as Dzikamai Mavhaire, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Tracy Mutinhiri, Shadreck Mashayamombe and most importantly the late Robert Mugabe himself.

There was great jubilation in the MDC camp when these members joined their ranks.

It was not long before most of the new members faced their worst disappointment.

They could not participate in mainstream politics any longer because the system in the MDC did not accommodate old people.
Some of these cadres are humbly finding their way back home.

What an adventure of shame it was!

Ageism is the cancer that has eaten the MDC Alliance and destroyed the core that should hold it together.
Lack of sound ideology has pervaded the political formation since the sad departure of Morgan Tsvangirai.
Discrimination on the basis of age is what has destroyed the MDC Alliance party. Youthful exclusivity has been their major undoing.

“In fact in their pronunciation, they say they no longer require people of our age. But here (in ZANU PF), we feel welcome and at home.

So we have come to make our small contribution in nation building”, said Senator Makore soon after their welcome and acceptance at State House.

Nelson Chamisa is a weak leader, whose vulnerability and insecurity has driven him into a deplorable state of constant intolerance towards anyone of a varying or superior opinion.

His unrestrained disdain of mature personalities with a sound opinion has been his Waterloo.
Over the years, Nelson Chamisa has ably used his hands to dig his own political grave.