Nurses and midwives reject hostile forces temptation

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Nurses and midwives reject hostile forces temptation

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

Three nursing associations have disowned the threat to join the industrial action by teachers, virtually isolating the Zimbabwe Nurses Association which had threatened to join the teachers strike despite government efforts to resolve the financial impasse.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association is a dubious union, which appears to take instructions from the West, which has been itching for a strike.

The three associations, Nurses and Midwives in Government Association of Zimbabwe ( NMGAZ), Zimbabwe Young Nurses Association(ZYNA) and Zimbabwe Confederation of Midwives(ZCM) issued a collective statement where their position was clearly stated.

Addressing the press, NMGAZ Chairperson Dr Pisirayi Ndarukwa said their core role is to save lives, anything else follows.

“We are cognisant of the immense pressure our healthcare delivery system is and has been facing as it competes with the international community to retain its health workforce during these difficult times.

We have dedicated and very brave nurses and midwives who stood resolutely with dictates of serving their people during this season where we have observed emerging diseases that have put a strain on national resources,” said Ndarukwa.

Ndarukwa said health professionals are grateful of the adjustments which have been made by the Government and they continue to negotiate in good faith.

“As professional associations, we have taken note of the recent adjustments to the Cost of Living, made by the Government in an endeavour to cushion nurses, midwives, all healthcare workers and the rest of the civil service. We appreciate these efforts the government of Zimbabwe is making towards its workforce while also preserving the steady growth of the economy,” said Ndarukwa.

“We therefore, wish to put on record that we shall only engage in mutual negotiations for improving conditions of services with the government while ensuring observation of the International Pledge of Nurses and Midwives,” he added.

Ndarukwa said patients should not be used as pawns in labour negotiations.

They said, “We have also observed the attempts by other groupings of individuals to shame the authorities and paint a picture of an insincere leadership. This is not true for the current leadership that has always maintained an open door policy to discussing issues affecting the healthcare delivery system. Thus, we have observed an improved supply chain of medicines and sundries being managed through the National Pharmaceutical Company,” said Ndarukwa.