No vaccine, no work policy gains steam

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Business | 0 comments

• As corporates move to protect vaccinated workers

Alex Ndhlovu

Top seed manufacturing company (SEEDCO) is sending all its unvaccinated staff on leave starting on August 1st 2021.
The company said the move is to create a Covid-19 free workplace and protect the vaccinated staff personnel from those unvaccinated.
In an internal Memorandum from the company`s Regional Managing Director, Dr Edworks Mhandu said they have procured enough vaccines for workers and stakeholders, eliminating room for excuses.

“The Board approved the purchase of 10,000 doses of Covid-19 Vaccines for staff and key stakeholders. The roll out of the vaccinations has started and there are no excuse for anyone at Seedco Company not being vaccinated as we thrive to create a Covid-19 free workplace. While it is recognised that the individual has a right to choose not being vaccinated, the company will exercise its right to protect vaccinated staff by barring entry of all unvaccinated èmployees and others into the Seedco buses and premises,” said Dr Mhandu.

Seedco becomes the latest company to hint at a no vaccine, no work policy.

TelOne last week made the same announcement to its workers, saying those who are averse to vaccination will have to go on leave.
This, according to the communication seen by Tateguru Tv, was adopted to protect clients and employees from exposure to the virus.
Last week the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) and ZUPCO ordered their employees to get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs.

The Public Service Commission Secretary, Jonathan Wutaunashe on July 20 announced that unvaccinated civil servants must not be allowed to board PSC buses, as part of measures to protect the Vaccinated staff.

In other countries like Fiji, Governments have made Covid-19 vaccinations a mandatory condition of work for civil servants and staff in the private sector.