No Trading at Traffic intersections -Muguti

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No Trading at Traffic intersections -Muguti

Brian Rungano Temba



Harare Metropolitan Permanent Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Mr. Tafadzwa Muguti has pressed Harare City to not lose focus of its target to make Harare a “World Class City by 2025”.


Mr Muguti addressing the media yesterday when he pronounced provisions of a by-law that prohibits trading at traffic intersections.


“We have noticed the increase in in traders at traffic intersections and shop pavements, whilst some unscrupulous businesses are now also disturbing their stocks at traffic intersections, also evading tax authorities in the process,” said Mr Muguti.


“City of Harare has been reminded of its mandate to ensure a clean and orderly Central Business District (CBD). All trading at intersections, begging, distribution of flyers trading from car boots and soliciting of any kind is strictly prohibited, “ read the press statement.


He reiterated that Harare City has become too complacent and has forgotten their mandate, such that on many occasions his office has had to remind them to uphold their by-laws in order to ensure that the CBD is clean and most importantly orderly and safe for both motorists and pedestrians.


Mr Muguti also said that the legal remedies and prosecutions of offenders were very clear in the Harare City By-Laws.


In 2018 Harare, statistics indicated that the informal sector contributes 58 per cent of employment, with an estimated 50 000 informal traders requiring trading space.


In the last issue of the Gazette made by Harare City Council, fees for leasing a vending stall had risen 400 percent, leaving most vendors to resort to unorthodox operating of business.


Council has been instructed to operationalise Council District offices to carry out inspectorate enforcement of health permits and clean surroundings in all retail outlets.