No selective media admission at ZANU PF rallies – Mugwadi

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No selective media admission at ZANU PF rallies – Mugwadi

  • As CCC is told to stop whining over selective media coverage


Brian Rungano Temba


ZANU PF parry has affirmed it’s commitment to upholding the plurality of the media at all it’s events including campaign rallies.

Addressing a special media brief at the party Headquarters in Harare yesterday, Party Spokesperson Cde Chris Mutsvangwa told the media that Selective Media Coverage is because of the different funding mechanisms and ownership of broadcast houses and not ZANU PF.


He told opposition to stop whining about uneven playing field and throwing fits every time things do not go their way, and to mend relations with the police and other estates of the state for peace and harmony during the upcoming 26 March By-Elections.


“When it comes to broadcasting houses and newspapers, they are owned by individuals and have their own editorial policy which we as ZANU PF can not alter or control. We never forced Newsday to write about us. They write because they have an operating licence under the constitution of Zimbabwe which gives them the right to free speech and they write what they want,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.


“The same applies to broadcasting houses, they are also owned by individuals. The Zimbabwean Government has a trust of its own which owns ZBC and Zimpapers “.


“Voice of America which runs Studio 7 will never broadcast President Emmerson Mnangagwa giving the State of the Union address due to it being owned by president Biden and the house of senate in Washington. Equally the external services of the BBC and CNN are owned by the British and USA governments respectively,” continued Cde Mutsvangwa.


“So please do not bother us about favouritism in coverage of political events. If you wish you are free to go and apply for a broadcasting license of your own and cover all CCC rallies. ZBC is not run at ZANU PF headquarters,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.


ZANU PF Information and Publicity Director Cde. Tafadzwa Mugwadi told the press present that all kinds of media were welcome to come and cover ZANU PF press statements and rallies.


He added that media remain their friends and ZANU PF is a democratic Party which supports free press.