No greater stupidity than calling for sanctions

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Local News, Opinions, Politics | 0 comments

By Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

There have been men and women who have lobbied foreign powers to put sanctions on Zimbabwe, calling them nice terms like targeted sanctions and yet they cripple the whole country, affecting mostly the ‘untargeted’.

Despite the lie that they are targeted, sanctions hurt the country collectively more than they hurt individuals.

The sanctions affect the already vulnerable people, not the individuals who are listed on official foreign documents.

That is you, me, your mother, my mother, your siblings and mine and the generality of our people are affected.

I am left with no doubt at all that if this breed of politicians and this generation of young people had lived during Rhodesian times they would have made academic and human rights argument to justify the segregation system.

Of course even back then, we had some like the Morison Nyatis who went to bed with the oppressor so my shock while there is lessened.

It does not make sense how a common man or woman who by virtue of supporting a certain political party thinks that sanctioning the country is good.

Yet you hear some demented pseudo-academic, so called journalists and fickle minded activist and slogan chanter defending the actions of a foreign country against our people in the name of humans rights?

How do you violate human rights to fight for human rights?

Does it make sense that you impose restrictive measures, which are a violation of basic human rights in an attempt to fight for human rights?

I am sorry to say anyone who believes sanctions are imposed in a bid to fight for human rights is a sellout and the Patriots Act must be fully unleashed on such characters.

It is clear as daylight that sanctions will never make Nelson Chamisa, Temba Mliswa or Tendai Biti poor but the common man, that is you, me and all the families behind us.

Do you think Tendai Laxton Biti Jnr is jobless and does not have top class healthcare?

Do you think Nelson Chakisa loses sleep over power cuts?

If you really think so, you are either an outright idiot or you are too ignorant to understand basic facts or both.

America cannot impose sanctions on the basis of human rights as they are friends with countries known for executing opposition leaders “officially”.

The double standards are glaring.

America does not believe in human rights for they basically violate them willy-nilly.

What America understands is American interests and putting America first!

While you are busy trying to report your President to the ICC, America is busy threatening to sanction the same if it investigates actions of American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

While we are here celebrating sanctions thinking they have anything to do with human rights, America is slapping them as a lesson to any other African country who would want to take, own and control their natural resources.

America sends soldiers to Iraq to fight for ‘its oil’ leading one American soldier who ended up being tried for treason to question how their oil was under Iraqian sand.

It is simply American interests they are protecting by lying to the feeble minded that they are doing so for human rights.

Black people are gunned down by the police daily in America. American forces stationed around the world kill more people daily.

America continues to protect, fund and sell arms to Israel who on a daily basis are killing Palestinians.

Egypt receives arguably the largest chunk of American funding in Africa and yet they respect very little human rights over there and actually are a military dictatorship.

Human rights are so alien to the American mental Psyche that the only human rights they believe in are gay rights.

America is simply taking advantage of the disunity among our people to further American interests.

All they are doing is to ensure the MIXED BAG OF GREEDY POLITICANS is kept fighting by donating a few dollars at the expense of our people.

We never hear meaningful noise in parliament about reforms and the real changes we expect from our politicans.

The only time they agree is when cash and their well is involved.

Who among us can say; they have seen opposition legislators push for a bill to get the reforms they are always shouting about at rallies and demonstrating for publicly in Parliament.

Who can stand up with certainty and say they have heard an opportunity member of Parliament stand up and say we want such and such reforms and that should be enacted by this Parliament?

On the contrary, all they ever do in Parliament is cry about their welfare, boo Ministers and either abscond Parliament totally and then go out and whip their gullible or should I say stupid supporters’ emotions.

Wake up Zimbabweans from your deep slumber, sanctions do not bring about political change but poverty to the masses