Ngarivhume embarrasses self

by | Apr 10, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

Opposition activist and pro-sanctionist Jacob Ngarivhume has made a ridicule of himself after complaining about not being entertained by Chief Justice Luke Malaba.

The failed Bikita East politician turned activist exposed his ignorance towards court procedures when he waltzed into the Supreme Court Offices demanding to see Chief Justice Malaba.

Like an entitled juvenile drama queen he took to Twitter to rant about the incident when he was turned down.
“Paid a visit to our good friend Chief Justice Malaba. As always he’s too high and mighty to meet with ordinary Zimbabweans- the very people who employ him,” Ngarivhume’s tweet read.

Ngarivhume had not made had appointment.

In this modern formal world it is common courtesy to make an appointment with a high ranking office before visiting.

A legal expert said in line with COVID-19 containment protocols access to courts is now restricted to employees of the court, parties to a case such as accused persons, complainants, applicants and respondents and Legal Practitioners.

“Besides the COVID-19 pandemic, judicial officers such as magistrates are independent professionals who cannot meet everyone who comes to the court without an appointment.

“The general exception would be if someone has a complaint and in that event senior judicial officials such as judges still cannot meet individuals since the Justice Service Commission has a robust complaints handling mechanism,” she said.

She also added that no one can go to Ngarivhume’s office and attempt to meet him without an appointment and expect to see him without regard to the possibility of him having other engagements.

In the comments section of his tweet, critics dismissed him as attention seeking and seeking relevance by riding on the wave of Makomborero Haruzivishe’s court case .

Sources close to Ngarivhume said he had visited Chief Justice Malaba to discuss Haruzivishe’s release.