Newsday in Hichilema bloop

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

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Newsday, a local newspaper is in the centre of a storm after writing an oddly framed story in which they took the voice of a UPND activist and editorialised it as the new Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema’s.

In the story, one Mirriam Mangwanya quotes a Tweet from the UPND spokesman Joseph Kalimbwe, in which he was wrongly accusing Zanu PF of being hostile to his party.

The Newsday reporter used the Tweet and attributed it to the Zambian President, now known as HH.

Senior reporters condemned the mischief as HH has his own spokesperson, who is mandated to share sentiments on his behalf.

Barely 12 hours after the story, with his tail tucked between his legs Kalimbwe said;

“Ignore news from newspapers, that publish sensationalised front page titles of words our leadership never said, twist tweet contents into their editorials and give others unfound titles, and write articles which have the potential to politically tarnish decades long regional relations.”

Kalimbwe must have realised the folly of his exuberance or must have been chastised by his party leadership.

Since the election results were announced in Zambia, he has been trying to appear all knowing on democratic issues, especially relating to Zimbabwe.